How To Design Your Own Roller Banner Online

Roller banners are great advertising tools for making an impact with your customers without breaking the bank. Each one can be tailor made for a specific event, audience, or campaign. If you want to keep the costs down or you would like to work on your own creation, there is a good choice of free online design tools you can use to guide you through the process. But which one would be best for your roller banner project?

How To Design Your Own Roller Banner Online

How To Design Your Own Roller Banner Online

Check out the following user-friendly graphic design software and make an informed choice from our chosen favourites:

  • Canva
  • Crello
  • Gimp
  • Gravit
  • Inkscape
  • Krita
  • Pixlr
  • Snappa
  • Vectr

Canva is a photo editor, colour palette tool, font combination picker, learning resource and photo collage maker. In all fairness Canva is more of a full graphic design package than a photo editor, due to its variety of useful tools and access to over a million photographs, graphics and fonts. Its drag and drop tool make it easy to use, even absolute beginners can pick it up very quickly. Although it can be used straight from the browser, it is also available for both Android and iOS.

Crello is a great starter for beginners wishing to try their hand at graphic design. There’s ample fonts, templates and files to use as well as numerous help features, tutorials and how to guides. The simple to use interface offers 65m different files, 12,000 templates and hundreds of fonts. There is also access to many design features and a plethora of help features, tutorials and how-to guides which make it a high value professional option without the high cost. is one of the best choices for creating infographics thanks to its clear interface and wide selection of web apps for visualising data. There are plenty of templates, shapes and other tools to experiment with when creating a design from scratch and your completed design can be downloaded in PDF and JPG format which ensures a high-quality print result. It’s generally easy to master but should you get stuck the excellent support team are on hand to guide you through.

Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Programme) is a free photo editing software with similar functionality and power to Adobe Photoshop, whilst also offering the full suite of tools required to achieve a professional look to your design. All the best loved tools are within easy reach including painting tools, colour correction, cloning, selection and enhancement. It is compatible with all the popular file formats, including PDF which is required for printing your roller banner.

Gravit is a cross platform application that runs on the browser offering revolutionary methods of creating beautiful and detailed vector imagery. It offers a set of powerful tools to enable the user to unleash his creativity, as to structure, layout, precision, style and text just for starters. Useful in designing your roller banner is the option to set the preferred height and width of your design. The dashboard is advanced yet welcoming featuring three easily accessible tabs, Layers, Libraries and Tutorials. The Layers tab displays the list of open pages, Libraries offers a range of drag and drop tools and the Tutorials tab is invaluable in guiding you through the different options and processes.

Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics tool that’s also open source. Vector tools ensure the image remains scalable without blurring and open source refers to its capabilities for redistribution and modification. This is a step up from the basic packages and enables those wanting to strike out in a more elaborate and complex format to really put their design skills to the test. Complete with a comprehensive tool kit and advanced effects Inkscape is considered on a par with Adobe Illustrator especially with regard to its use of high-quality colours and excellent file format support, (or provision of different ways to store encoded information.)

Krita is great for the more artistic among us whether we’re amateur or professional. Designed by artists it features carefully designed drawing tools including blenders, half tones, transformers, layering and mirroring and an additional choice of templates to start you on your way. If your design focal point is illustration Krita is the one to choose, although its advanced features may appear a little overwhelming initially, the excellent tutorials will help you get to grips with this.

Pixr is an online image editor for absolute beginners with its very simple, easy to learn and friendly interface. As it is run on the browser there is no need to download, removing the risk of bugs and it is accessible from almost any desktop or laptop. The express tool offers a variety of one-click adjustments, which means you have full control over the images and effects and the ability to make last minute, quick fixes. Very effective in producing professional designs even when users are not familiar with the complexities of photo editing.

Snappa is an uncomplicated tool for creating graphics and visual content for marketing purposes. Its ideal for collaboration between team members working on a project together as images and graphics are stored in a cloud and can be shared along with their designs, folders and visual assets. All library graphics are 100% royalty free and the platform provides tutorials in video and text formats to help users become acquainted with the tools they need to create an impressive design.

Vectr is a graphics software that enables users to create and edit beautiful designs of a consistently high quality regardless of size or scale. It is intuitive and easy to use with seamless cross-platform capabilities and there is a good selection of free tutorials and supportive guides. It has great functionality tools for making subtle changes or applying layers on the image, giving the user freedom to create. Vectr is a good choice for anyone looking to create simple vector graphics with a minimum of fuss.

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Design the ‘Eazy’ way

If you feel the choice is too great and it all seems like too much hard work why not have your roller banner designed and printed all under one roof. You decide how much involvement you would like with the make up of your roller banner by choosing from two options.

  • Eazy Print Design Package
  • Eazy Print Design Online

The Eazy Print design package allows you to offload your ideas to a team member who will offer appropriate advice and suggestions before coming up with a bespoke roller banner design for your business or campaign. Once you have supplied your copy (or text), images and logo the result is a customised print ready proof for you to approve or amend (once) before going to print; all for a modest fixed price. They will even check your spelling and grammar!!

For greater freedom and control over your own design why not try the Eazy Print Design Online Templates devised by professionals with the customer in mind. It’s a free, quick and easy service provided on the website for you to choose an appropriate layout, amend it, add your copy, images and logo and then check the proof before it automatically wings its way to the printers.

Designing Roller Banners has just got easier so there’s no reason why anyone can’t have a go and try out the wonderful world of roller banners!

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