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A4 Leaflets Business Uses

A4 leaflets are a versatile marketing tool that businesses can use to promote their products, services, events or special offers. These leaflets can be printed on one or both sides, in colour or black and white, on a variety of paper stocks and can be distributed in various ways. Here are some of the most common uses for A4 leaflets for businesses:

Promote Products or Services With Printed Leaflets

A4 leaflets can be used to showcase new or existing products or services. They can be designed to highlight the features and benefits of the products or services, and can include images, prices and contact information. These leaflets can be distributed in-store or through direct mail campaigns.

With variable data printing, leaflets can have customer addresses printed directly onto the surface of the flyer, eliminating the need for envelopes and create a convenient and versatile marketing campaign.

Advertise Events With Laminated Flyers

A4 leaflets are an effective way to advertise events, such as product launches, open houses or trade shows. They can be designed to include event details, dates, times and locations. With QR code printing you can create QR leaflets – linking customers directly from offline to online materials.

These laminated leaflets can be distributed through direct mail, in-store, or handed out at trade shows or events. The additional lamination adds durability and longevity, as well as enhanced finish and appearance. Gloss laminated flyers will also make bright colours ‘pop’ even more, making them a great choice for promoting exciting services and events. Learn more about lamination techniques in our lamination support guide.

folded leaflet showing lots of info and pictures

Provide Lots Of Information With Folded Leaflets

A4 leaflets can be used to provide information about a business, such as its history, mission statement or values. They can be designed to include company information, images and contact information.

With folded leaflets and folded flyers you can include extra information with ease. You can even add images, maps and price lists.

Promote Special Offers With Perforated Leaflets

A4 leaflets can be used to promote special offers or sales. They can be designed to include discount codes, coupons, or special promotions. These leaflets can be distributed in-store or through direct mail campaigns.

With perforated leaflets you can include convenient tear out sections for custom printed vouchers, coupons, loyalty cards and more, encouraging sales. Learn more about perforation in our perforation guide.

Menu Printing With A4 Leaflets

A4 leaflets can be used to print menus for restaurants, cafes, or food trucks. They can be designed to include food and beverage options, prices and contact information. Folded leaflets make for perfect takeaway menus; these custom printed leaflets can be distributed in-store or through direct mail campaigns.

Top tip! Looking for disposable place mat menus instead? View our custom printable menus.

Double Sided Leaflets As Instructional Guides

A4 leaflets can be used to create instructional guides, such as how-to guides or user manuals. They can be designed to include step-by-step instructions, images and contact information. Include QR codes to link to further resources and seamlessly blend offline and online marketing.

Promote Your Company Ethos With Eco Friendly Leaflets

We understand the importance of aligning your marketing materials with your company’s ethos and values. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of leaflet paper types, including recycled and kraft options, to help you make a positive environmental impact. Our recycled paper embodies sustainability and eco-consciousness, making it an ideal choice for environmentally responsible businesses. On the other hand, our kraft paper exudes a rustic charm and is an excellent choice for brands that emphasize a natural and organic approach.

Got a question about your a4 leaflets? Contact our friendly team today! Need a different sized flyer? Take a look at our full flyer and leaflet collection.


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