Printed Boxes – Carton with Top Lock

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Printed Boxes – Carton with Top Lock – Key Features

  • Create your own box design (templates / design service)
  • Add custom dimensions into calculator to create custom size
  • Folding carton with top lock & thumb tab
  • Store flat until ready to use
  • Variety of materials & finishing


Create one-of-a-kind cartons tailored to your product needs, postage requirements and trade show displays through our exclusive custom printed box services. These versatile folding cartons offer the added convenience of being easily stored flat until the perfect moment arises for their use. Secure with a top lock and thumb tab.

 Carton With Top Lock Printing Options

Customize your printed cartons to achieve the perfect fit for your product. Tailor the height, width, and depth to create an ideal size that meets your requirements. Additionally, you have the freedom to select the box material that aligns with your sustainability goals, including eco-friendly options like kraft or recycled boxes.

When it comes to box printing, you have the choice between black or full color (CMYK) printing. For meticulous brand colour matching, you can opt for Pantone box printing.

Take your printed box design to the next level with an array of finishing options that leave a lasting impression on your customers. Enhance the visual appeal with techniques such as lamination, foiling or Spot UV elements.

Top tip! If you prefer to add branding to a generic box rather than printing the entire box, explore our range of custom printed box sleeves. These sleeves provide a stylish solution to showcase your brand identity.

Want to add an extra touch of branding and security to your printed box? Create a custom sticker to seal your box, ensuring its integrity while simultaneously reinforcing your brand.

If you need any assistance with your printed boxes with top lock features, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!


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