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Next Day Replacement Graphics

With the help of our banner replacement graphics, you can upgrade an old or brand-new stand’s graphic panels. It is not difficult to switch panels, but there are a few disadvantages you should be aware of.

  • Warranty – A 6-month warranty is included with all of our roller banners, both budget and premium, but your stand is not covered by one.
  • Damage: If you don’t do it properly, you run the risk of hurting your stand and making it useless.
  • Sizes – If you don’t know the exact measurements of your old panel, a replacement one could not fit.
  • Higher Costs – Compared to buying a whole unit, buying a new stand and then replacement graphics for a roller banner can be more expensive.
  • Quality: We are unable to inspect your stand in detail. Does it properly retract and stand?
  • Time – Changing a panel requires time; let us handle it on your behalf.

Next Day Banner Replacement Graphics Installation

  • Remove the existing graphic entirely from the mechanism once you have determined how it is connected to the leader sheet.
  • Insert an allen key all the way into the tiny hole on the side of the roller banner mechanism to hold the spring.
  • Peel the old panel away from the leader sheet being careful not to damage it.
  • Remove the header bar from the current panel. These will either be an adhesive system or a clamp system, both of which we will provide (on cheap stands). You must open the clamp if the system is a clamp before you can remove the panel. An adhesive system may be seen when you peel back the panel from the header bar. A sturdy double-sided tape strip should be used in place of the sticky strip.
  • Before attaching the header bar to the top of the new panel, make sure it is positioned correctly to accept the pole. You can do this by either clamping it into the bar or by using double-sided tape.
  • On your new graphic panel, remove the protective covering from the supplied double-sided tape strip.
  • Make sure the graphic panel is glued properly and without crossing the leader sheet of the stand.
  • Holding the panel securely, remove the allen key.
  • Allow the panel to gradually rewind into the stand.


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Should you have any questions regarding a replacement graphics UK or worldwide order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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