Door Hangers

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Door Hangers – Key Features

  • Choose from popular preset hanger styles
  • Create perfect door signs – add lamination
  • Hook and hole styles available 
  • Pick your material – Kraft and recycled available for eco-friendly door hangers 
  • Ideal hooked tags for door handles, car mirrors, coat hooks etc.
  • Waterproof options available 


Promote your business in a handy, often used spot with custom printed door signs! Create custom printed door tags and door signs to ensure your guests and visitors are kept well informed. Perfect for hotels, b&bs, car dealerships, coat hooks and more! 

Door Hanger Printing Options

Choose from a wide range of preset hanger styles – we offer budget door hangers, folded door hangers and hangers with hooks or holes, for your convenience. 

Next, choose your preferred material. We print door tags onto 350gsm silk paper as standard, as we find it offers some additional aesthetic and durability. However, we have a large range of other materials – including eco-friendly door hangers made from Kraft or recycled paper. We also offer waterproof door hangers (also tearproof) for outdoor displays. 

Create laminated door signs by adding optional lamination- choose from matt, gloss, silk or soft-touch for silky smooth hangers. 

Artwork and Design

Supplying your own artwork – Read the Artwork Guide to make sure that your hanger designs are ready for print!

Professional Design Service – If you don’t have artwork one of our team of designers can create a bespoke design for you. Send us your high resolution logo and all the images you would like to use and we will produce a pro-designed piece of artwork for you to approve before printing.

Select the Design Service when ordering – then make sure to email us your images ASAP. Choosing the design service will add 2 working days to our turnaround times.

Should you have any questions regarding a doorhanger UK or worldwide order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Artwork Guide Readme

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