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Variable Data Printing

During the continuing rise of online digitisation, hard mail is still a great way to advertise and promote. Consider times when you received catalogue through the mail with a summer sale, or a flyer with a discount code. Didn’t the tangibility add something to the experience? We certainly enjoy something we can pick up, hold and flick through: everyone loves a browse! With direct mail campaigns, we know that your magazine, flyer or brochure might not need an envelope, but rather be addressed itself. That’s where variable data printing comes into play…

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing (sometimes referred to as variable information printing) is a term used for an industry technique, where individual printed products have slight print differences between them. The best way to explain variable data is with regards to raffle tickets: the design is the same, the colour is the same, but every ticket is individually numbered: and this plays an essential part!

With variable data printing you can ensure that every product has unique information. For direct mail campaigns this is absolutely crucial – imagine a flyer or brochure coming through the mail. You don’t want to waste money or paper on an envelope…so you address a small section at the front of the printed product. During the print run, all your identical products are printed with different names and addresses, saving you time and money!

How does variable data printing work?

With new digital printing technology, our print technicians can simply load a spreadsheet of variable data into the printer, and sequential or varied aspects of the print will be changed product by product. This means text, graphics or images can be different per printed product.

What data can be variable?

We can print with a whole host of varied data, but some of the most common examples are:

  • Individual names – ideal for maintaining customer relations with a personal touch.
  • Individual addresses – perfect for sending out direct mail campaigns (flyers, leaflets, brochures etc) and not wasting an envelope!
  • Sequential numbers – often used for tickets, lotteries or parking permits.
  • Winning / losing numbers or text – ideal for scratch cards

Why bother with variable data printing?

Allowing the printer to do the work for you will save you some serious time -imagine having to type out every single address to a mailing list of thousands! Not only that, it will remove the human error element and make sure your printed products are accurate. Custom printed products are all the range currently, and at EazPrint we want to make sure you have as many options as possible to ensure you create your ideal print product including:

  • Choice of paper stock
  • Choice of finish
  • Choice or size and shape (with custom templates available)
  • Full design creativity for fully customisable prints
  • Choice of variable data!

Flyer printing

Our A6 flyers benefit hugely from variable data printing! Have you ever opened an envelope to receive a single sheet flyer? Frustrating to say the least! In an eco-conscious world where we are all trying to do our bit, saving an envelope and printing addresses and details directing onto our flyers will save the trees and prevent your customer’s annoyance all in one go!

Should you need any assistance with your variable data printed product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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