Roller Banner Buyers Guide

If this is your first contact with Eazy Print, we are pleased to be able to help you choose the best product for your needs. We can design and print any promotional literature you need but specialise in designing a wide variety of top quality, high impact and multi-purpose roller banners.

Whether you’re communicating with your regular customers, promoting a new product or service or advertising your brand, roller banners can do the job effectively, conveniently and inexpensively. Allow us to walk you through our range of roller banners, each offering a range of sizes and choice of finish to suit all budgets, so you are in a better position to make the right choice of roller banner. Read on for our Roller Banner Buyers Guide.

You can also visit our Roller Banner Comparison page for a list of the features on each of our models.

Our Roller Banner Sizes and Weights page provides more information on display size, footprint area and packed weights.

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Roller Banners Buyers Guide

But firstly, let’s clear up a few common questions asked about roller banners.

What exactly is a roller banner?

A roller banner is essentially a display stand or advertising banner that is self-standing with a fully retractable graphic that rolls back into the base for easy carriage and storage. The graphic display panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and when needed are pulled out of their own spring loaded-base and attach to a pole which also inserts into the base. The whole thing is very compact and lightweight making easy work of setting up for ad campaigns or exhibitions and trade shows.

You may be wondering how roller banners differ from roll up banners, pull up banners, pop-up banners or retractable banner stands. Basically, they don’t, these are just other names given to the same product.

Setting up and dismantling a roller banner

One person can set up a roller banner in under 30 seconds without any tools following 5 simple steps. But before you start take note of the following recommendations:

  • Always insert the pole into the base and then draw out the graphic panel and hook it onto the pole. Never use the pole to push the panel up as this will bend the pole and make it very hard to insert the pole into the base
  • Make sure the pole is fully inserted into the hole on the base or your banner will lean or become unstable
  • Tilt the pole towards you when drawing up the panel if you cannot reach the top to attach the panel
  • You may require two people to set up stands larger than 1.5m

Step 1

Take the roller banner base out of the carry case and turn the feet 90 degrees to stabilise the unit.

Step 2

Depending on the model of roller banner, you will find the pole separated into parts and stored either alongside the base or in a separate compartment of the carry bag. Remove the pole and discard the plastic packaging. Slot the three sections of the pole together to make one long pole.

Step 3

Push the pole into the hole at the back of the base ensuring it is inserted right the way through to the locator at the bottom. There are two types of locator – an indent in the aluminium casing or a grey plastic locator. To avoid an unstable roller banner, ensure the pole is fully secured into the locator.

Step 4

Standing behind the banner gently pull the metal header bar up and out of the base drawing it up to the top of the pole and do not let go until it is attached to the pole. Tilt it towards you if you cannot reach.

Step 5

To hook the graphic panel onto the top of the pole there are two different attachments. The Economy stand uses a black plastic hook attachment which slots into the channel in the header bar. The Budget stand has a slot in the header bar that hooks onto the top of the pole.

The roller banner display stand is now ready to use. To dismantle the roller banner just unhook the display panel from the pole and gently ease it back into the base without suddenly letting go as this will cause damage.



What are roller banners used for?

Roll up banners work best in attracting attention, creating awareness, advertising special offers and as backdrops to exhibition stands or media events. Basically, anywhere you want to communicate with the public, grab the attention of existing customers or spark the interest of new customers roller banners are effective tools.

    As pull up banners are so versatile and practical, they are useful in a multitude of different settings including; trade shows, shopping malls, reception areas, business seminars and presentations, media events, attractions, charity functions etc. the list is endless. In fact, if you take a closer look, you’ll see they’re everywhere!

How can you choose the right roller banner?



There is a roller banner to suit every budget, space and situation so having a clear picture of what you want it to achieve, is a good place to start.

What is your budget?

If funds are low or you have an allocated budget, then you might want to look at the lower priced roller banner options. Consider the Economy Roller Banner which is a step up from the cheaper Super Saver and is still a good quality banner for the price.

At the other end of the range there is the Exclusive Roller Banner if budget is not an issue and you need a display to last the duration whilst projecting a high quality company image.

Where will you stand your roll up banner?

If space is limited and you’re not sure where to stand a roller banner, have a look at the Midi Roller Banner. These multi-purpose roller banners can be adjusted to a range of heights to suit each need, whether they will be floor standing or sat on a desk.

Maybe you have plenty of space to locate your roller banner, in which case the Wide roller banner options may suit your needs. These massive displays are great for covering an ugly bare wall or to professionally exhibit your brand at a trade show. The graphic is printed on two choices of quality material to block out reflective light, for maximum clarity.

The Double sided pull up banner has two graphic panels which can be viewed from two different directions. Ideal for locating along walkways or in large reception areas. Double the impact!

How will you use your roller banner?

If you want to hang on to your stand for the long-term, but want to change the graphic regularly, then Budget roller banner or Premium roller banner are ones to consider. These products are robust, quality stands offering versatility of display graphics and convenient panel replacements.

You may need a roller banner to draw in your customers from outside or to advertise your business at an external event. The outdoor display collection includes an X Banner which is not a roller banner but is still a quality display stand with a water fillable base to keep it stable in most weathers.

How can you create your own Roller Banner design?

All roller banners are custom made at Eazy Print so that means you decide what goes into your design along with the guidance of professionals, if you so desire. The level of support from the design team is entirely up to you, but you have the choice of three ways to create your roller banner:

      • To put together your own artwork completely independently
      • To use one of the online templates as a guide to your design
      • To employ the inhouse graphic design team to put together a design based on your brief which you can alter until you are satisfied. (More details on the Graphic Design Package)

How quickly can you get your roller banner?

Eazy Print roller banners are delivered free to your door within 48 hours if you pay for your order and submit your artwork before 4pm. If you need your order any faster there is an express 24-hour service available to all orders placed and artwork submitted by 2pm. For further delivery information please call the Eazy Print studio direct on 02380 700 111 or review delivery details online.

Why choose Eazy Print?

With over 10 years of printing experience behind them, the Eazy Print team provide a consistently fast, reliable and high-quality service to all customers, old and new. Using on site modern digital printers and graphic packages, even the most challenging projects are considered and delivered on schedule. The inhouse design service is extremely popular with those over stretched and happy to leave their design brief with the highly creative and experienced graphics team. But don’t take our word for it, check out the Customer Reviews for confirmation of our quality products and service.

For further information and answers to regular questions see the FAQ page or call an Eazy Print team member to discuss your printing or roller banner requirements.

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