What Business Stationery Does Your Company Need?

What Business Stationery Does Your Company Need?

In these days of digital technology, businesses can be forgiven for thinking that there is no longer a need to have different types of business stationery, but the truth is the old ways have not died out quite yet, and you will find that paper with your brand image on it will still come in useful. So what business stationery does your company need? We find out…

What Business Stationery Does Your Company Need?

Brand image

All the different types of business stationery must have one thing in common: they must all display your company’s logo, and this must look the same across all media, regardless of size or objective. Consistency is key in consolidating and enhancing your brand image in the minds of your customers, so that when they see just your logo, they recognise it as your business.

Your company logo can be just an image, or a combination of graphics and text. The best way to obtain a logo that best showcases your business and your offerings is to have it professionally designed. Read more about why you should invest in branded stationery in our blog post: The Advantages of Business Stationery.


Most businesses will need to produce a letter or quotation at some point, and such correspondence should feature your company logo. Even if you do most of your business digitally, it still creates a much better impression if you attach letters to emails that feature a digital letterhead. Whether hard copy or digital, your letterhead needs to include your logo, business name (if not in the logo), postal address, website address, email and phone number. A fax number is no longer required on letterheads, as very few businesses use fax machines these days.

Compliment slips

Compliment slips are very handy for mailings, taking the place of a letterhead but still conveying to the recipient where the documents have come from, and how they can get in touch with the sender. Therefore, compliment slips need to feature the same information as that found on a letterhead; in fact, the same header can be used. All you need to decide is the orientation of your compliment slip, whether portrait or landscape.

Business cards

Business cards should be considered an essential for everyone in the business world. They can serve several functions, such as a provider of business information, a mini brochure, a Call To Action and a lead generator. Again, they should feature the company logo, as well as contact information relevant to the giver of the card. Avoid overloading the business card with design features and too much text. Keep them simple yet informative.


To maintain a professional image, it can be worthwhile having envelopes printed that bear your company logo and brand image. It allows the recipient to see where the posted item has come from, and providing you use a good quality envelope, that your company is prepared to invest money in even the little aspects of business. An alternative to customised envelopes is printed labels that can be stuck on ordinary envelopes.

All businesses will have a need for company paperwork that is printed on good quality paper. Do not create a poor impression by using flimsy paper and a hastily devised brand image that looks as if no time nor money has been spent on it.

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