Less Is More: Banner Stand Design

All too often businesses are given advice as to what they should include on their promotional material, but rarely are they told what they should leave out. Companies of all sizes can make simple mistakes with their banner stands because they believe they need to include as much information as possible, but this can have the opposite effect and can actually deter custom rather than attract it. 

Roller Banner Stand

Company details

Details regarding the company are often perceived as an essential element of any and all advertising, but the truth is that this can take up unnecessary space on the banner stand. Company details only need to be included on these if the banner stand is going to be placed somewhere other than the main retail outlet. If the roller banner or exhibition stand is going to be placed right outside a company’s front door, then there really is no need to give a full address. Keep company details to a web address, with a telephone number and email address at most.

Lengthy sentences

Banner stand advertising needs to catch the eye and immediately grab attention, so sentences that have too many words in them are out of the question. A company has only a few seconds to catch and hold a passers-by attention, so a message needs to be short and to the point.

Few people are going to stop in their tracks to read a banner stand. Aim for punchy sales language instead. If potential customers have questions regarding what is on offer, they will ask for more information.

Out of date

It is vital that banner stand advertising is up to date. There is nothing worse for a potential customer than to take down the website and contact details of a business, only to be unable to get hold of them later because the telephone number has been discontinued or a website shows up as a broken link.

Every time a change is made to the company a new banner stand should be created, featuring the new information. A customer who cannot get through to the company is a customer lost and it also creates a poor impression.

Getting colourful

It is a common mistake to believe that plenty of bright colours will attract the eye and grab attention. Too many vibrant, bold colours can overwhelm the eyes and they are just as likely to put people off.

The principle of three is a good one to apply with colours and ensure that they complement one another rather than contrasting too harshly. Establish a single background player, and use two more to highlight words and images. It is a good idea to stick to colours that are used with the company logo to consolidate and enhance the brand image.

Banner stands are useful tools for advertising a company’s products or services, a special offer, or an upcoming event. They are portable, robust, and suitable for use in most weathers. Just remember that when it comes to designing a banner stand, less truly is more.

If you’d prefer to leave the design aspect to the professionals, we offer a variety of in-house artwork services. Just get in touch for more information.  

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