Is A Leaflet The Same As A Flyer?

Is a leaflet the same as a flyer?

Is a leaflet the same as a flyer?

The two terms are often used to describe the same type of product – both by users and printing companies.

In years gone by, a flyer was a printed sheet used to promote events, club nights, music gigs etc. The term ‘club flyer’ was at one time in common use. A leaflet in the past was generally used to distribute information or advertising for political parties or charities. Now the word ‘flyer’ or ‘leaflet’ often describes the same thing.

Both products have similar physical characteristics. They are unbound, single sheets of paper; both products provide  detailed information about  an upcoming event, special offer or promotion; flyers and leaflets are low-cost printed items, usually produced in large quantities and distributed free; and both are described as ‘throwaways’ because the information is usually short-term.

Eazy Print defines the two, so that everyone knows what we’re talking about.


A single unfolded sheet of paper printed either single or double-sided, containing information – usually advertising. The paper should be a board weight, such as 300gsm or 350gsm


A single sheet of paper, printed either single or double-sided, which may be supplied flat or folded. The leaflet contains marketing or advertising information. The paper used should be a weight such as 130gsm, 150gsm or 170gsm.

It’s important that everything should be named correctly. If a product is given the wrong name, there could be cost implications. Flyers and leaflet are exempt from VAT. Data capture cards could be described as flyers, but they attract VAT.

Eazy Print offers a complete range of flyers and leaflets, printed to your exact requirements.

No more confusion!

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