How To Design A Compelling Flyer Campaign

 Flyers are a relatively cheap and easy way to distribute advertising for your business, service or product. They are ideal for posting through the letterboxes of homes and businesses or handing out to passers-by on the street. But what are the best elements to include in a flyer design? Follow our guide: how to design a compelling flyer campaign below.How to design a compelling flyer campaign

Essential elements of a flyer design

To ensure you design a compelling flyer campaign, follow these 5 steps…

1. Flyer headline

Start off with the headline. This needs to really grab the attention, as it is what people looking at your flyer will see first. Make it catchy, enticing and not too long. You could have your headline pose a question, such as ‘Are you getting snowed under with admin?’, or you could suggest that it will fulfil a particular need, such as ‘Lose 5lbs in 10 days.’ Whatever you are selling, your headline needs to encourage a reader to carry on reading.

2. Keep flyer design clear

Do not be tempted to overload the flyer with information. This can result in the flyer looking too busy and people may feel they can’t be bothered to read everything. Readers have a notoriously short attention span. Ever heard of the saying that a visitor spends only seconds in summing up a website and will then click away if they don’t find something of interest? Well, the same applies for any type of marketing material. Ensure that there is plenty of white space in your flyer design to break it up into digestible sections, and make sure that the wording is sharp, concise and to the point.

3. Keep your text to the point

Do not try to be clever and use riddles or obscure language to describe your product with the thinking that this might intrigue a reader. It won’t. People don’t want to spend minutes trying to figure out what you are selling. Make it perfectly clear what is on offer with direct and simple language, and avoid industry jargon.

4. Add some images to your flyer

But do not rely on just words to get your message across. Make your flyer visually appealing by including some graphics. This can be a photograph, a logo or even some graphs or other statistical information. Just make sure they are relevant to the subject matter of the flyer.

Keep colours to a minimum to avoid making the flyer appear garish or hard on the eyes. A few contrasting colours will help to draw attention to different areas on the flyers. Use colour to highlight the headline and the most important information on the flyer to draw the eye. Important information may include a special offer or discounted price, a date for a special event or even a freebie. Make sure these are highly visible to attract attention.

5. Choose top quality paper

Finally, whilst flyers are comparatively cheap to produce, this should not mean that it is okay to skimp on the quality. Flyer printing on very cheap, thin paper will not impress potential customers at all, as it will look like you consider flyers to be not worth your full attention or money. Using a higher quality paper to print them on will show the people you give them out to that you consider them a worthwhile marketing tool.

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Written by Joanne Serellis

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