Eco-Friendly Outdoor Advertising

Green credentials have become more and more important to businesses. Explaining how they account for  their carbon footprint is common practice for all businesses nowadays, as is attempting to reduce your environmental impact. As such, we know that you’ll be keen to keep all your practices as ‘green’ as possible. If this is the case, you will need all aspects of your business to comply and that includes your outdoor advertising. But how can you create eco-friendly outdoor advertising? We have the answers…

Eco friendly outdoor advertising

Advertising outdoors

Using a PVC banner to advertise outside of your business maybe your first thought. However, PVC isn’t always eco-friendly. And yet, you needn’t be concerned about complying with those green issues.

There are biodegradable PVC banners on the market that have the same quality as other banners and last for up to seven years. The UV-resistant inks used for the full-colour printing on these banners are also eco-friendly. Their make up means they don’t need to ‘off-gas’ as traditional printing inks do i.e. they contain no toxins. So these biodegradable outdoor banners not only do the job but comply with your green credentials too.

You can reduce your impact on the environment with a biodegradable PVC Banner and still make a very big impression. These banners are printed on an environmentally friendly PVC material which will degrade in a landfill site, yet will last as an outdoor display without falling apart. The new material is the perfect solution for any business wanting to enhance its environmental credentials whilst taking full advantage of the powerful impact of a large, outdoor, full colour banner.

Our banners are printed in full colour with UV-stable inks and come ready to display in your chosen design within just three working days. And we’ve plenty more promo ideas on our site for you to choose from. 

Why use outdoor advertising?

Traditionally advertising isn’t cheap. Even website banners can need considerable investment. However, your eco-friendly outdoor banner can be one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Yes, banner production and printing is relatively inexpensive in advertising terms and the turn around time is time-efficient at 48 hours on average.

The benefits of outdoor advertising means you catch consumer attention whilst they are ‘on the go’. An eye-catching colourful outdoor banner can be noticed (40% recall) and information retained more than you might think. This is all good news, so what are you waiting for?

How to use outdoor banners for your advertising campaigns

You can use outdoor banners in a variety of ways and places. They all come hemmed and eyeleted and ready to hang. Alternatively, you can buy a metal A-frame to hold them in place. 

The finished product and the way it is used will depend upon where you want to place it. Its size will also depend upon the space you have available and luckily these banners are available in several different sizes.

When to use your eco-banners

You can use these biodegradable banners to promote your business or a special promotion or even to launch a new product. Because they are inexpensive to purchase, you might invest in more than one so that you can ring the changes or use at specific times. Leaving one banner in place for an overly long time will become a blind spot for passers-by who will no longer see your message.

Designing your outdoor banners

The design of your banner is important to create impact. If images can do the talking – or most of it – for you, let them. An image is easier for passers-by to take in; no one will stop to read a lot of words. So remember to keep your words to a minimum, make your statements concise and remember that space is good.

If you need help to design your banner, their will be a graphic department on hand to help. If you have your design ready, you can upload it directly. Remember that any images you want to use need to be available digitally and to be of a high, printable resolution (all to do with the number of pixels).

If you’d like to learn more, you can read all about sustainable printing and how we are helping the industry!

Written by Joanne Serellis

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