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Translate the world around you into perfect colour with Adobe Color CC: previously called Kuler.

Adobe Color CC is Adobe’s answer to Colour Lovers; a place to explore new colour themes and create your own. The site makes it easy to browse everyone’s submission with sorting by most popular and most used of all time, or by month or week if you’re looking for something more recent.

Of course you might have a great theme you would like to create; this is where Adobe’s tools come into their own. The create tool lets you set the colour rules and makes it delightfully easy to create a harmonious colour theme, or a completely wild one if you like using the interactive colour wheel.

Once you’re happy with the colour theme you have you can save it to your Creative Cloud Library and seamlessly receive it into your colour palette available across Adobe’s suite of applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as well as their new mobile offerings.

Adobe Capture CC

But Adobe Color CC is only half the picture; you can download the Adobe Capture CC app to your mobile device and start creating colour themes straight from your camera using your surroundings as the inspiration, this is where Color CC is at its most useful. It’s as simple as pointing your camera at a scene, freezing it and dragging the colour nodes around until you have the perfect theme. The app also automatically suggests a theme as you pan your camera around and the suggestions are surprisingly good.

Capture CC used to be called Color CC too but it’s expanded since its early versions to allow you to use the camera to capture shapes, brushes, and looks as well and keep them all synced to your Creative Cloud Library making it an indispensable tool for the designer on the go, you never know when inspiration might strike.

Adobe Color CC and Capture CC go together perfectly and connect with the rest of Creative Cloud’s suite of apps. Both are free, though the Creative Cloud costs a monthly subscription. With Capture on your phone and Adobe’s apps on your computer you can create a colour theme from your surroundings and use it in your design in moments. They’re excellent examples of Adobe’s connected cloud-based vision which they launched almost five years ago.

If all this talk about colour has inspired you to get designing remember to set your colour space correctly – otherwise your amazing colours might not print how you hoped. If you need help with your colours before sending to us for printing, then read our handy Colour Guide.

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