Business Stationery To Promote Your Brand

Even though less correspondence is being printed out these days, business stationery is still considered a must have for any company. A well designed letterhead featuring your company logo and contact details will provide a client or customer with all the information they need to get in touch. An undoubtedly effective tool, business stationery to promote your brand is still essential. 

business stationery to promote your brand

What is business stationery?

Basic business stationery is usually made up of letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, and envelopes, but it can also include invoices, statements, and quotations; in fact, almost any piece of paper that is sent from your company to your customer.

What kind of paper is used?

When you are sending out an item of correspondence to a customer or potential client, you are advertising your brand, so you want to make a good impression. Business stationery should, therefore, be printed out on a good quality paper, not your standard copier or printer paper that is usually 80gsm grade.

Flimsy or thin paper is a definite no-no for business stationery. A good paperweight to use for business stationery is 100gsm. It is heavy enough to not appear cheap, yet not too thick that it cannot be properly folded. We consider 120gsm to be an executive standard.

Then there is the colour of the paper to consider: most businesses prefer to stick with a crisp, white paper, but others may choose one that has a colour. However, it is important to remember that some background colours may make it difficult to read the text, so choose wisely. Moreover, if you do choose coloured paper, ensure that it complements the colours of the logo and text in the header and footer of the design.

What should business stationery look like?

The header of your business stationery should include your logo (if you do not have a logo, you should seriously consider creating one), and your slogan or tagline, which is a brief, snappy sentence which sums up what your business offers.

Contact details can either be included to the side of these at the top of the page, or at the bottom, but consider the overall look of the A4 page – contact details at the side of your logo and slogan may look cramped, and would be better positioned at the bottom.

Just ensure that if contact details are at the bottom of the page, they use the same font and design style as used at the top to ensure continuity. Avoid using overly elaborate fonts, as these may be difficult for some people to read, and use no more than three colours in the design.

Business stationery to promote your brand

If your company is one that still sends out a great deal of post, it may be worth considering extending the scope of your brand by having your logo printed on stickers, which can then be stuck onto the envelopes or boxes. This not only enhances your brand by presenting yourself as highly professional, but also acts as a visual cue to the recipient of your posted item, letting them know who it is from without having to open the item.

If you’re still on the fence, you can read all about the advantages of business stationery. 

Written by Joanne Serellis

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