signage for high footfall areas

Signage For High Footfall Areas

Let’s talk about signage for high footfall areas. If you run a business located on a high street, on a busy road, in a shopping centre, or anywhere else where there’s a lot of passing traffic, it’s a good idea to utilise that captive audience. Promote your services or products to those passing and entice them to come inside or visit your website. So what signage for high footfall areas is best? We take a look…

signage for high footfall areas

The best signage for high footfall areas

If you’re looking to stop traffic and catch the eyes of potential customers, you need something big, bold and hard to miss. As such, small scale posters, leaflets or flyers aren’t going to cut it. Take a look at the best signage for high footfall areas below…

Forecourt signs

Forecourt signs are a tried and tested way of bringing customers into your store or venue. A forecourt sign is heavily weighted to stop it blowing over, and is weatherproof to ensure your message stays clear. Pop a forecourt sign directly on the pavement outside your venue and watch the customers flow in.

These are especially useful for pubs, restaurants and shops – anything where a customer could literally see the sign and then decide to walk right in without a second thought. Forecourt signs have two panels, pointing in opposite directions, so you’ll be sure to catch customers whether they’re coming or going!

These signs work by slotting graphics into the stand – so one stand can last you years. Simply replace the graphics as you change your promotions or events.


A boards

A boards work in a similar way to forecourt signs. They are double sided so can promote your event or products from both angles. A boards are a similar option to forecourt signs, but aren’t as sturdy. These are perfect for occasional use.

As with forecourt signs, place your A board on the pavement directly outside your establishment. This will catch passersby and encourage them to enter your shop, pub or restaurant.


Outdoor banners

Outdoor banners are for advertising new in store promotions or events make them one of the main chosen signage outdoor options. They are especially useful for advertising gyms: use them to promote a new offer, a lack of joining fee or a new facility.

Outdoor banners not only catch the eyes of pedestrians, but also drivers. A large scale, weatherproof banner will keep promoting and advertising your business effortlessly.


Bollard covers

Bollard covers are a fantastic way to take advantage of otherwise blank space. Simply slot these nifty devices over the bollards outside your establishment and communicate to passing customers. You can use these to promote new products, or even offer information about car parking.

Should you need any assistance designing your signage for high footfall areas, our team of experts specialising in signage service are on hand to help! Simply get in touch today.

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