Why Choose A PVC Banner?

We know that you want something strong, flexible, gorgeous and just the right height. We also know that you don’t want to be fussing around with something that is difficult, heavy on the wallet and disproportionately high maintenance. Fear not, as we have the perfect match for you. Nope, you haven’t stumbled upon the personal ads; you’ve reached your ideal partner in PVC banner design and production. So why choose a PVC banner? We have the answers…

why choose a pvc banner?

PVC banners – what makes a good product?

At Eazy Print we’ve made more PVC banners than you’ve made cups of coffee, so we know exactly what makes a good PVC banner. We want our customers to experience good value for money, so this doesn’t just mean cheaper prices – although our prices are ridiculously competitive – but this also means durability so that you get more usage out of your banner.

That’s why we use heavyweight PVC materials and UV-resistant inks for longer lasting displays. Meaning, you can use and re-use your banner again and again.

Why choose a PVC banner from Eazy Print?

Whether you have your branded design in mind or you need a little help, we can quickly and efficiently design and print your PVC banner within an excellent turnaround time and to your satisfaction. In fact we can have your banner ready for you in 48 hours. How is that for service?

If you’re a company that is continually showcasing its work at exhibits and expos then having a PVC banner is most definitely the right choice for you, because of its hard-wearing features. Don’t be fretting about how to hang your PVC banner; we do all the hemming and eyelet punching for you. Simple, isn’t it? It will make you wonder how something so very simple can be so professionally effective. But it is; having a professionally printed banner can give your company’s presence that extra professional edge and grab that attention. So get the banner rolled out and the readies roll in.

Normal, mesh or biodegradable PVC banners?

When choosing which one of the three types of PVC banners to use, you should first consider where your banner will be sited. If the site is prone to stronger winds then consider using a mesh PVC banner as these are designed to allow the wind to pass through them. As most of the wind passes through, the banner is less likely to be damaged by buffeting. Mesh PVC banners are also recommended for a lighter indoor display too.

The normal or standard PVC banners you most often see are great for long-term outdoor usage and are most likely to have the greatest visual appeal. Printed on heavy weight, fire rated PVC, these PVC banners can literally last for years. When comparing the cost to the life expectancy, this form of advertising really is cost effective.

PVC banners standard features

All PVC banners created by Eazy Print utilise UV inks so that your banner has the greatest visual appeal for the longest time. As well as considering the type of ink used there are several other standard features that you should look for when considering a PVC banner.

Eyelets, or grommets, are perfect for hanging your PVC banner onto fences or the side of a building. Usually eyelets will be included as standard, but check also whether the banner will be hemmed. A hem ensures extra strength as without one the eyelets could easily rip out of the banner.

Hemming and eyelets

At Eazy Print, our PVC banners come hemmed and eyeleted as standard, and we can produce banners to custom sizes as required.  Our hems are usually between 50mm – 70mm, and eyelets are placed in the middle of the hem.  Our eyelets are 25mm in diameter and make an 11mm hole.

Written by Joanne Serellis
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