Flyers: Cost Effective Advertising

Most business owners are aware of the need to advertise, yet there are so many methods available; it can be difficult to work out which will be the most successful. For many businesses, the internet and social networking sites offer great promotional tools, but for most businesses, flyer printing is still a great answer.

flyers- cost effective advertising

What is a flyer?

A flyer is a single piece of paper, usually A5 in size, but it can be any size, printed with a business name, contact details and the services on offer. They may also offer seasonal deals and discounts. As a marketing tool, they do not generally target a particular audience, but are intended for distribution within a particular area, such as a residential neighbourhood. A flyer will often be posted through a home’s letterbox, or inserted into magazines.

What makes flyers work?

Flyers are excellent marketing tools for professionals such as plumbers, garden landscapers and electricians. Posted through the letterbox of a home, they could arrive at exactly the time when a homeowner is having problems with their plumbing or are thinking of having their garden paved – they have the potential to become the perfect solution.

Why are flyers cost-effective?

Flyers are one of the cheapest forms of advertising businesses can engage in. They are not intended to be produced continually, so a flyer printing run is termed a ‘short-run’. The paper or card flyers are printed on is usually quite economical to buy and there should only be a minimal charge for delivery. Once the business has possession of the flyers, all they then need is someone to distribute them, and a member of staff can achieve this easily, perhaps when they take their dog for a walk.

In terms of design, a flyer can feature simply wording on a plain or coloured background, or it can have a more elaborate design. Some online printing companies provide online templates, but businesses using conventional software can produce their own images, or they can hire a contractor to produce a suitably eye-catching design.

What you should consider when planning a flyer print run…

There are several things you should think about when you plan a flyer – these include the quality and weight of the paper or card you want them to be printed on, and you should make sure that your choice reflects what is being advertised. For example, for exhibitions or events, the glossier the better to attract attention, whilst a matte finish would work best for business advertising.

How much information to include? Try to keep the design simple and easy on the eye so that someone looking at your flyer doesn’t have to search for the information they need. Always give details of your business’s website if you have one so that more information can be easily sourced if required. Remember, you’re selling your business so always include a call to action to remind and persuade your potential customers to get in touch.

For more information on creating an eye-catching flyer design, read How To Design A Compelling Flyer Campaign. Alternatively, for more information on flyers and how they are still active and relevant in today’s marketing, we’d recommend High Flyer – Showcase Your Offerings With Flyers!

Written by Joanne Serellis

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