EZ Product Spotlight: Outdoor Mesh PVC Banners

As 2020 draws to a close, we thought some of our products deserved a place in the spotlight! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the advertising solutions that we offer, and how they can help keep your business Covid-safe. The first product to take to the spotlight is our mesh PVC banner!

EZ Product Spotlight: Outdoor Mesh PVC Banners

What is a mesh PVC banner?

A mesh PVC banner is exactly what it sounds like: made from 370gsm mesh, the banner contains thousands of tiny holes, which lets air move through the banner.

Why bother with a mesh PVC banner?

The major advantage comes with outdoor advertising – because the wind can move through it, you won’t have your banner flapping around! As such, these mesh banners are durable, long lasting and will remain static and in place whatever the weather.

However, the holes don’t interfere with your design, and still leave 75 percent of the surface area of the PVC to display your artwork. Choose bright colours and large fonts for a truly eye-catching outdoor sign.

How can mesh banners help keep my business Covid safe?

During winter 2021, we will still need to adhere to social distancing rules and other government guidelines to minimise the spread of Covid, keep the R rate down and keep our patrons and staff safe.

Due to the unpredictable UK weather, mesh banners are the perfect solution for outdoor safety signage – as they will remain in place no matter what the weather’s doing! Consider using these durable banners to communicate important safety guidelines to your customers, including to wear masks, sanitise their hands and keep their distance.

Pick from a wide range of sizes and finishing options to ensure your perfect banner. Create your own artwork, including your company branding and logo, or if you’d rather defer to the professionals, you can choose to use our in-house design team to create your bespoke artwork for you!

We’ve had great reviews for our mesh banners; why not try them out as a durable, outdoor way to promote your products and also keep your customers safe during this difficult time.

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