Brochure Printing – An Effective Advertising Tool

A portable soft sell

Brochures are extremely portable. On their own, they weigh practically nothing but they contain a wealth of information. They are, in essence, a distilled version of your company’s website, containing important information regarding the services on offer. A brochure is not a hard sell; a potential customer can take it away with them and read at their leisure without feeling pressured into making an on-the-spot decision.

You can even use a brochure to make your website more useful to your customers by uploading a PDF version. This enables people that you are unable to reach face-to-face to download a copy of your brochure. They may then see, at a glance, who you are and what your company does.

Brochure printing


Easy to distribute

All you need to distribute brochures is a pair of legs suitable for walking or plenty of envelopes. Grab a bunch of your custom printed brochures and hit the streets, putting them through the doors of businesses on your local high street, or if your services appeal to the domestic market, through the letterboxes of homes.

You can also stand on a busy street and hand them out to people passing by. Moreover, if your target customers are not local, you can put them into envelopes and post them reasonably cheaply. You can also of course employ an agency or an individual to deliver them. Many businesses distribute brochures by using the local newsagent who puts one in each newspaper that is delivered.

Direct mailing

You can even incorporate an address feature into your brochure, so that it serves not only as a source of information, but also as the postal envelope. This is called ‘self-mailing’ and the paper is known as being ‘tabbed’, where it folds in on itself and is stuck down. Brochures used in this way can be an extremely effective way of reaching a wider audience.

With our variable data printing, we can print names and addresses on to each brochure, negating the need for envelopes. Simply hand us your customer list (which will be securely destroyed after publishing) and we can print a different address onto each brochure for mailing!

Image enhancing

A professionally produced brochure adds instant professionalism and glamour to your image. You can use a brochure in combination with other marketing material to truly expand your business’s reach and it offers more room to tell a reader about your services, your history, and your mission.


Following on from image enhancing, brochures provide a way for you to consolidate your brand in the minds of your customers. Being consistent is the key when it comes to branding and especially in the case of brochures, which may sit on somebody’s shelf or desk for a while. A brochure that bears your unique logo, font design, or style will stick in the mind of someone who just skim reads it or refers to it now and again.


Due to the relatively inexpensive cost of producing brochures these days, many companies may find it beneficial to customise different brochure designs, making each one suitable for a certain demographic. This has a knock-on effect of making the recipient feel valued by the company.

Read all about how to create an effective brochure, with handy tips on design, objective and message! 

Should you need any assistance designing your own personal brochure, or if you’d prefer our graphic designers to create the artwork for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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