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When it comes to advertising materials, flags may not be the first tool that springs to mind, but their efficacy should not be overlooked. Used in much the same way as banners, flags literally grab attention because they are designed to be dynamic and move to catch the eye. So why advertise with flags? We’re here to explain…

Why advertise with flags?

advertise with flags


Despite their name, advertising flags do not need wind to ‘fly’. Their curved design with the material securely fixed at all points ensures that they do catch any available breeze, but also means that they always display their message to the best possible effect. Whilst all advertising flags have a generic shape, there are several different types available, including the teardrop, the feather, and the quill.


Flags are designed to be extremely portable and are perfect for using at exhibitions, trade fairs, as well as both the inside and outside of any retail outlet. As they are designed to move and have a distinctive shape, flags immediately attract the eye, and are an excellent tool for driving customer footfall into commercial spaces. They also have the added benefit of being good for use as stand-alone advertising features, or can be used in multiples to create even more impactful displays while not overloading the eye.


Flags come in a range of sizes, from approximately 2 metres up to 5 metres high. They are made of a strong polyester fabric that is capable of withstanding extremes of weather, as well as providing an excellent background for graphic reproduction. This makes them perfect for displaying a company’s logo or branding, as well as special offers.


They are fixed into place by use of bases that can be filled with materials suitable for their application. For example, some flags can be set into water-filled bases, some into sand-filled bases, while others have spikes that fix securely into the ground. Like roller banners, the flags are secured to telescopic poles so they can be extended or shortened to any desired height. When not in use, they can be folded up and put into their convenient carry bag.

Why use flags over other printed products?

Flags have a great advantage over other types of highly visual advertising. They are far cheaper to produce than billboard posters, for instance, and have the added virtue of being entirely portable. They are extremely lightweight so transporting them becomes a breeze, and they have an enviable durability, promising to last for quite a while, even years, if treated properly.

Again, like banners, the designs for flags are almost endless, the only restrictions being the shape and size. Modern printing technology allows for superb colour reproduction on flags in order to create an eye-catching advertisement. As with any advertising, designs should focus on simplicity, getting a message across with a minimum of colours, images, and wording. With the appropriate design software, flag designs can be managed in-house by a talented staff member, or if one of these is not available, the flag producer usually has a design team to create an attractive and dynamic graphic.

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