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How We Offer Eco-Friendly Printing

Clean and green living in 2022! Eco-printing is a step toward sustainability, whether you’re an individual or a company. Everyone, including businesses, can start using eco-friendly printing now to receive gorgeous prints while also protecting the environment.

Printing Eco-Friendly

What exactly is eco-friendly printing then? To minimise the negative effects on our environment, it entails implementing green innovations in the three key components of the printing process: the printing technology, the ink, and the print materials. These eco-friendly production methods aid in lowering waste, pollution, and energy use. Additionally, it helps save the environment by lowering printing costs.

Green Inks

Petroleum- or plastic-based inks include hazardous substances and chemicals that are bad for the environment. Eco-inks are a non-polluting substitute for environmentally friendly printing. These inks are made using organic soy or veggie components.

Particularly soy-based ink is an excellent substitute that mimics the properties of petroleum-based inks without the environmental harm. Some claim that when compared to other inks, it produces colours that are brighter and more vibrant.

Another popular green ink is made from vegetables. Nevertheless, it is a little more expensive than soy-based inks and does not yield the same results.

Sustainable Printing

We have implemented a number of practises to reduce our negative environmental effects, and we continuously review our results to find new eco-friendly practises and areas for development.

Carbon Neutral Paper

Choose from an extensive range of recycled paper stock, including biodegradable PVC banner material and carbon neutral paper certified by The CarbonNeutral Company – offering new ways of reducing the carbon impact of your marketing campaigns.

Our lithographic printing inks

All of the toner and ink cartridges we use for lithographic printing are recycled, and our inks are entirely vegetable-based.

We are also making a lot of effort to use fewer harmful chemicals and use less energy. Recently, we installed a new printing plate system that consumes energy more effectively, produces no waste water, and uses fewer chemicals.

Zero carbon deliveries

Carbon emissions are significantly increased by parcel delivery.

All product deliveries are made by our courier DPD Local, who is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions without increasing the cost to the consumer through a combination of fuel-efficient driving, increased load capacities, and the financing of cleaner energy solutions.

Visit the DPD website to learn more about the organization’s dedication to carbon-neutral deliveries.

Print Materials

The print materials that are used have notable advancements in environmentally friendly printing. These goods are made entirely out of recyclable or sustainable materials that have been recycled. The materials are processed with little to no chemicals and come from sustainable suppliers.

Other print products, such as banners and pens, are also included in eco-friendly printing in addition to paper. One example of Eazy Print’s assortment of green products is its 100% PVC-free Roller Banners Eco. These banners are made of recylable thermoplastic polymer polypropylene, which has a great heat resistance.

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