Your Easy Guide To Outdoor Banners

Printed Outdoor Banners are a great promotional tool to raise awareness, promote a special offer or direct people to your business. They are a cheap, effective form of signage, easily transportable and available in a range of sizes. A well designed and positioned banner is a perfect marketing tool.

 If you are planning to use your banner outdoors, whether on the street or at a fair or flea market, it needs to be big and bold. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be gigantic – it just needs to be big enough so that anyone passing by, even from a distance, can see and notice it and read whatever message you would like to convey. So read on for your easy guide to outdoor banners!

An Easy Guide To Outdoor Banners

 your easy guide to outdoor banner printers

What you should know about size

For many business owners, the bigger their outdoor banner the better. But apart from this, there are other size considerations you should think about. One of them is the size of the place where it will be mounted. Obviously, you have to make sure that your banner fits into the location or place where you are planning to install it. Take measurements of the area and double-check your measurements.

Top tip: when designing your banner and the size of the text and images, think about where your audience will be able to view it. Based on the position of your audience, you can then make a good decision regarding the size of the fonts and images. Also, if using your banner at an outdoor event, think about the competition. Will there be other banners surrounding it? If so, then you may need to find a way to make it stand out even more. If you are targeting vehicle traffic, your banner should be bigger. If you are targeting passers-by or people on foot, your banner can be a bit smaller.


Is your banner truly visible?

 Ask yourself if your banner will truly be visible based on its design and size. Think about the location of your banner. Is it in a location where it can be seen naturally, or do you have to make an extra effort to get it noticed?

Additionally, if you have to exert additional effort to make your banner seen, perhaps you can choose bolder and brighter, or contrasting, colours. You should also make your banner easy to read. This means not placing too many words or text on your banner. Just concentrate on your main message – if your audience is interested enough, they will approach you for more information.


Extra materials

In outdoor banner printing, you also have to take note of extra materials that you would need to hang your banner, such as grommets or hems. Grommets or eyelets are holes placed around your banner’s perimeter which let you fasten or attach your banner in the right location. You should think about the grommets when designing your banner so that they will not interfere with your overall design, leaving 30mm all around the edge with prevent them punching through text. Hems are stitching that is reinforced which give your outdoor banner extra strength. Think about the hems as well, so they don’t end up interfering with your design or message.


You should also consider how you will be installing the printed banner, is it being attached to a fence, wall or railings. It is easy to overlook this when ordering, but make sure the size of the banner is right to fit to the railings. You will also need to use cable ties, or bungee cord fixings, or alternatively a self-standing Outdoor Banner Frame.

outdoor banner frame

We hope you found our easy guide to outdoor banners useful! If you’re looking for some more in depth information check out:

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