Why Print In A Digital Age?

With the vast popularity of the internet and social media, some in the marketing world believe (incorrectly in our opinion) that the print industry is dying. However, while some companies have opted to move their advertising online due to its low cost and high exposure potential, print still maintains its position as a necessary element of any campaign. But why print in a digital age? We have the answers.

Why print in a digital age?

Printing is physical

Firstly, a printed item is a physical thing. A printed item has a longer, tangible life span than a digital advert which will disappear into cyber space.

Tip: To further extend the life span of a printed product think about the elements of the design or copy that could date a printed item.

For example, if you attend conferences regularly make sure there are no specific event details on your design that will mean you are unable to re-use the printed items at future events. You want the ability to re-use your stand and printed collateral again and again.

Similarly, invest in top quality printed products to ensure you have some serious longevity to your marketing solutions. Adding lamination can help extend the lifespan of paper products like leaflets or flyers.

Also, it’s becoming more and more common for people to not put their company’s address on their business card. This is simply because a short website address leaves more room for design and can signpost potential clients to your contact details on your website. After all, it’s more cost effective to amend your details online if your location were to change, than to reprint your business cards.

Print items are credible

Printed items also ooze credibility. A well-presented printed brochure, leaflet or flyer is great for every occasion – a conference handover, customer recommendation or coffee table top talking piece. Well written copy and great imagery, printed well, has a professional feel about it and establishes brand worth.

Print promotes brand awareness

Every printed item waves the flag for your brand. You may have already branded your vehicles and uniform, but what about office stationery like letterheads, compliment slips and business cards? And your customer facing items like brochures, leaflets, price lists – the list is endless. Check out our budget and premium stationery bundles and brochure printing options.

Print is engaging

Printed material is also considered to be more engaging than digital items. Did you know that websites are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds? In contrast, some of us still like to read a brochure over a nice cup of tea. Printed adverts should inspire you to look at them even longer. Consider your design and browse the ‘create your own’ design online functionality in the design section of our website.

Printing offers multiple channels

A blended campaign using the right channels to reach as many of your target audience as possible should not exclude print. Whilst the power of digital grows and grows, the printed page remains important.

So whether you are a small, medium or large business it’s likely you need print in one format or another. And we can help you!

Print Lives!

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