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What To Do With Old Magazines

Do you have a huge collection of magazines taking up space in your bookcase? If you’re a keen reader and have a subscription or two, it’s all too easy to let these shiny publications take over your home! Read on for our top 5 tips for what to do with old magazines that you no longer want to keep…

What to do with old magazines

1.      Get crafty

If you’re the crafty type, why not having a look on YouTube or Pinterest and see what kind of craft activities you can do with your old magazines? We love the idea of using old magazines to create collages, inspirational wall hangings and mood boards for various projects. You can also cut out any attractive images and use them in home-made card, envelope and even bead making!

2.      Donate

If your magazines are up to date or timeless, why not consider donating them? Look into donating to a local hospital, GP surgery or dentist. Alternatively, consider a women’s shelter, library or nursing home. Give your magazines a second life and let them be enjoyed by even more people!

3.      Recycle

You may be wondering: can you recycle old magazines? The answer is an emphatic ‘Yes’! There’s been some confusion over the years about recycling magazines due to the presence of glue or staples in the margins. However, simply place the magazines into your blue bin, along with all your other recycling, and wait for them to be collected. Any staples will be removed at the recycling factory during the pulping process.

4.      Freecycle

Go to Freecycle to offer your collection of magazines – someone will probably be keen to use them for an arts and crafts project and give them a good home. Alternatively, post on free social media groups or Facebook marketplace. Let your magazines live on!

5.      Sell Them

A frequently asked question we get is: can you sell old magazines? Quickly followed by, how much are old magazines worth? The answers may surprise you! You can indeed sell old magazines. Some sites online are dedicated to the sale of old magazines; check out Crazy About Magazines and Magazine Exchange as good starting points. You might find that some of your older mags go for a pretty penny – especially if they are celebrity-based. Some editions of various celeb marriages go for 10 times their original purchase price!

Can you recycle old magazines

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