The Printed Banner Lasts To Infinity And Beyond!

There are many things that go on and on. Your history teacher, for example, talking at you for the last lesson of the day; travelling home from a holiday by car; a certain battery-operated rabbit (of the Duracell variety)!!

But there are also things that stand the test of time in a positive way, simply because they are made from long lasting quality materials thoughtfully put together. One such product is the printed banner which has proved unquestionably to be worth the time and financial investment, as they are inexpensive to purchase in the first instance and their message has the potential to be viewed long-term.

But what is it that makes these very effective advertising banners so durable and long lasting? And how can you ensure that your message lasts for as long as it is needed?

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What is a printed banner?

Printed banners are usually associated with large outdoor advertising hoardings made of vinyl promoting a certain business, product or service. In reality however, they come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of ways indoors, as well as externally. The printed banners tend to come in a width of 210mm upwards by any length from 900mm to 2400mm. Indoor banners are rolled into a metal mechanism for safe storage and transport (Roller Banners) and Outdoor Banners are attached to walls, fencing, posts, or railings using cording, bungees or rope through eyelets in the material.

Printed banners can be used in a number of settings to communicate a specific message to the viewing public:

  •  attached to scaffolding, roundabouts, lampposts
  •  outside supermarkets, schools, cafes
  •  as backdrops for trade fairs & exhibitions booths or presentations
  •  hanging from the ceilings at museums, theatres and attractions

What makes the printed banners long lasting?

The durability of printed banners is dependent on a number of factors:

  1. The material used
  2.  The inks used to print the graphics
  3.  The quality of the finishings
  4.  Where they are located
  5.  How they are maintained

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The material

Due to their malleable and waterproof properties, most banners are made from vinyl or polyester, or derivatives of these. For example, retractable or roller banners used inside buildings are more commonly made from PET, a form of polyester known for its water-resistant properties and tensile strength. Fabric banners can be used indoors but whilst they look good, they are not as long lasting as the plastic varieties.

Banners printed for outdoor use are most likely PVC (vinyl) or Scrim (polyester mesh) with advantages for both Vinyl and Polyester being chosen as banner material:

Advantages of vinyl over polyester- it’s stronger, sturdier, more water-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of polyester over vinyl – it doesn’t shrink, or wrinkle, it’s washable and resistant to chemicals.


The printing process

Both indoor and outdoor banners are generated in full colour, high resolution print on digital printers using the dye sublimation process. This is a computer printer that uses heat to transfer dye onto the plastic material at a molecular level, rather than onto the surface, to create an almost permanent graphic Weatherproof and fade resistant inks are used to ensure the images remain visible for as long as possible.


The finishing details

Roller banners retract into a metal base with a roller mechanism which enables the graphic panel to be quickly coiled up rather than folded. If this base is constructed of heavy duty aluminium not only will the printed banner remain upright but the chance of the roller malfunctioning and causing damage to the banner display will be reduced. 

For outdoor banners it is essential that not only the materials used are heavy duty but also the finishing of grommets or eyelets which attach it to the site or pole should also be of good quality. Each eyelet should be carefully tied onto the holding post. This will ensure that the printed banner can withstand the strongest winds, coldest weather or even continuous rainfall. 


Choose a good location

In terms of setting up your printed banner outside, the location of the best possible site should be carefully weighed up. Not only do you want the greatest visibility for your display banner but exposing it to intense sunshine all day will have a detrimental effect on the colour brightness causing the inks to fade more quickly, even if they are labelled UV inks. Additionally, a banner erected at a high level on a lamppost or pole will leave it open to all weathers and a continuous beating from the wind, putting pressure on the fixing eyelets. Choosing a more sheltered spot and tying off each eyelet properly will help the display to last. 


Care & maintenance

The lifespan of any printed banner can be extended with some simple attention and tips for the best care. 

Indoor roller banners have the potential to last a lifetime if they are the best quality to start with and are packed away carefully and correctly after every use. Eazy Print offers the Premium and Exclusive ranges which are made for almost continuous use. The high quality of these products will ensure they last if they are set up and dismantled according to the manufacturers guidelines and packed away in their own carry case. 

Outdoor printed banners should never be folded as this will cause the plastic to crease or crack. They can be easily rolled like a carpet once carefully removed from their fixings. Most outdoor banners should last from 3 to 5 years (depending on the weather!) or with special care, such as cleaning according to instructions and removing in extreme weather, they could last for up to 12 years. 


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Eazy Print banners for outdoors come with a no fade guarantee and the appropriate warranty for each product. Why not scan the full range of printed banners and read all about how to make an impact with your very own design

The printed banner is not the only thing you want to last when it comes to marketing your business – you also want to make a lasting impression on any potential customers. Choosing or creating the best design to attract people can be a tricky process so speak to a member of the Eazy Print team to help with putting together something that will make your business name last in the minds of onlookers. Chat online or call 02380 700111.

And even if you don’t want your design to last, as you’d prefer to change it on a regular basis to keep your advertising fresh and interesting, the team can work to come up with new ideas for your display with a quick call or email to outline your requirements.

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