Retractable Banners: The Ideal Trade Show Display

The main objective when attending a trade show or exhibition is to make sure you draw in the maximum number of visitors in the allotted time. But with the ever growing choice of displays, backdrops and stands, deciding on one which catches the eye whilst remaining cost effective and easy to use is a challenge.

Retractable banner stands offer benefits for every size and type of business and are becoming more and more popular in attracting new custom. But what makes these innocuous advertising stands so effective and which models would work best for your next trade show?

Why are Retractable Banners the ideal trade show display?

Why are Retractable Banners the ideal trade show display?

What are retractable banners?

They go by a variety of labels such as pull up banners, roll up banners and roller banners to name but a few, but essentially they all have the role of displaying marketing information to potential customers. These are self standing displays with printed graphic panels which pull out from a roller mechanism and operate a bit like a roller blind. The best bit about these displays is after use they are easily rolled back into the base and packed into a small carry bag requiring very little space to be transported or stored. This is an absolute must whilst logistically preparing for the next trade show.

Why are retractable banners so useful?

Not only are these ingenious advertising tools highly visible and attention grabbing but they are great for getting to the point when communicating with your public. Since they are small enough to squeeze into any limited space but large enough to be seen from a distance, its easy to understand why these displays are so popular. But the benefits do not stop there. Retractable banners are an asset to any trade show or exhibition attendance simply because they are:

  • Practical – they can be incoprated into a show stand layout in a number of useful ways. 
  • Affordable – they are an inexpensive investment at the outset and replacement graphics are also low cost.
  • Adaptable – new graphics can be added as and when they are needed
  • Durable – the premium standard retractable banners can be used time and again over a long period of time.
  • Transportable – they retract back into their roller base which fits into a convenient carry case.

How do retractable banners work?

Retractable banners work best when the graphic is designed in full colour and includes a powerful image, thought-provoking question or humorous strap line. It’s important that the message can be read and understood from a distance, enabling the reader to respond to a call to action. 

How do you use retractable banners?

The banner stand is simply lifted from its carry case, along with the components of a support pole, which are connected together and slotted into the base. The graphic panel can then be gently pulled up and out of the base until it reaches the tip of the pole where it is attached. The retractable banner is then ready to be placed in a prominent spot to catch the attention of passers-by. See the step by step guide on how to set up and dismantle a retractable banner. 

Which retractable banners are good for trade shows?

The Eazy Print team are specialist designers and producers of retractable banners, offering a wide range of sizes and types to create a striking show stand. A mix and match selection of different stands are recommended to create interest and to catch attention. 

  • The Economy Roller Banner – is ideal for a first trade show or for a one- off event. This sturdy model is made from quality light blocking material and extends up to 2m high. It is useful as an angled end to a wall display, or as a free standing centre display highlighting a special offer. 
  • The Premium Roller Banner – can be used over and over again due to its durable materials. Taller than most banner stands on the market, extending to 2,150mm, the Premium stand is high quality, stable and heavy weight. If you plan to attend a number of trade shows or aim to make it a yearly event, this is the stand for your business as it will stay the course. There are three widths to choose from which can be positioned together to make an attractive backdrop if your stand is small.
  • The Double Sided Roller Banner – can be set up at the entrances to your booth and viewed from both sides, giving twice the advertising space and a mix of displays. They can also be used as single retractable banners when needed. The two graphic panels retract into the same base unit to save space and can be printed with different designs or messages.
  • The EazyChange Roller Banner – is a single sided retractable banner, ideal for multi use or an event requiring a quick change. The printed graphic panel is housed in a detachable cartridge which can be easily removed and replaced with another. The main stand and base remain whilst all that is needed is a replacement cartridge containing the new graphic, which keeps the cost down. During the course of the show your message can be changed in an instant or you can change tack and alter the focus onto another product or service. A very versatile and useful tool.
  • The Desk Top Roller Banner – sits neatly atop of any desk or counter for additional promotional display. Available in A4 or A3 sizes, these mini retractable banners are so simple to transport and set up you could have a whole selection of mini banners each with their own design or message. Great for listing prices, product choices, contact information or special offers. 
  • The Wide Roller Banner – is the largest retractable banner offering for indoor events, measuring a height of 2m and a choice of widths from 1m – 2m to fit your space perfectly. These massive displays can be lined up together to form a beautiful backdrop to your trade show booth or used singly to hide an ugly wall. Despite their size, these stands are stable and sturdy, secured with a strong frame and two turn out feet. 
  • Midi Roller Banners – are retractable banners giving a choice of display height for each event, to fill the space available. There is the option to have either a desktop or a floor display depending on which height you select from 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm or 1600mm. For high impact the midi banners look great as a line display of graduated heights, if your stand space allows.


Do you need a hand?

So there you have it – Retractable Banners: the ideal trade show display!

If you are still unsure of the merits of retractable banners and would like to discuss your trade show plans with an Eazy team member call today on (02380) 700 111 or chat online. Or you may want to check out the full range of retractable banners on the website at your leisure. 


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