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Personalised Stationery Ideas

Are you considering purchasing new branded stationery for your business but are unsure what design to go for? A personalised stationery set can really add a sense of professionalism and pride to the workplace, as well as giving you every opportunity to reinforce your branding with your client. Here is a guide to personalised branding, and some stationery ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

Why do I need personalised stationery? Branded stationery

Having branded, personalised stationery is a great touch for any business. For your staff, it provides a sense of community and professionalism, as well as a sense of pride in their work.

For your clients, giving them a matching letterhead and compliment slip or gifting them a notepad, all with the same design and branding, suggests that your business has attention to detail, is an established brand and conveys professionalism.

Not only that, gifting your potential client a piece of personalised stationery is a savvy marketing move; something like a notepad will get a lot of use, and every time they see it, your brand identity will be reinforced and they’ll be reminded of you and your services. It’s a great way to stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

How do I personalise stationery?

Personalised stationery ideas

Take a look at our ideas below for some inspiration for creating your own artwork…

Or, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, you can take advantage of our in-house design service; one of our talented graphic designers will create your stationery designs from scratch, send it to you to approve and make any edits required! Simple!

Personalised stationery ideas

Stationery ideas

Wanting to create your own artwork but stuck for inspiration? Struggling to find helpful stationery ideas? We’ve got you covered! Check out our top designs below!

Clean, simple and elegant

Always a classic! If your business is established or luxury, why not go for the classic letterhead look? Include the name of your business in a classic font, and perhaps the address or contact details along the bottom of the page. Ideal for compliment slips and letterheads, the minimalist look displays confidence and professionalism.


Your branding is the most important part of your image, so why not create a design that focuses on your logo? Place your logo centre stage (on the front of the notepad, and then on each subsequent page corner, at the top of your letterheads and compliment slips and business cards) for maximum exposure. Create the rest of your design around your logo – to ensure it ‘pops’! Choose complementary colours for any other text and a contrasting colour for the background to draw focus to your all-important branding.

Bordered perfection

If you aren’t keen on creating a complicated design, consider using a border for your stationery. Create a design that speaks to your brand: maybe it’s made from your logo, or designed in your company colours. Perhaps it displays your product in some way. Using a border on your stationery sets can help to create brand consistency, and you can choose fun, bright designs to add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise fairly ordinary product!

Information, information, information

Inform your customers with your stationery! In lieu of pretty designs or attractive colours, you could choose to go the information route. Include contact details, social media handles, or even customer reviews on your business cards, letterheads and compliment slips!

It’s always a good idea to consider a double-sided design for this very purpose: keep the front clear and concise, then use the back to include all the contact details they’ll ever need! For notepads, why not include customer reviews or contact details along the bottom of each page- with variable data printing, every page can have different text;  a perfect opportunity to convey many different positive reviews, or methods of contact, to a client!

Unique stationery ideas

If the personalised stationery ideas above aren’t quite unique enough, why not try something ‘out of the box’. One of the most unique stationery ideas we’ve come across is to use QR codes in lieu of information – your customer will simply snap the code and be redirected to any URL you like via their smartphone!

Unique stationery ideas

Alternatively, why not include a discount code on your stationery – encouraging customers to make purchases online.

We hope you found this guide to branded stationery helpful and that you’ve now got some personalised stationery ideas!

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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