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Lockdown? Let’s Get Ready For Christmas!

At Eazy Print, we know that the current November lockdown may well have put a spanner in the works for your business, event or exhibition. In a time of difficulty, it’s more important than ever to look ahead to a positive future. We take a look at how you can use this down time to get your business Christmas-ready!

Whether you’re working from home, still in the office or on furlough, we know that proprietors are keen for a Christmas rush and businesses will be looking for some festive cheer this year, more than ever. So… let’s get ready for Christmas!

Let's get ready for Christmas!

Consider festive packaging options

To give your products a festive touch this year, why not consider mixing up your packaging. You could include a Christmassy business card with a festive discount code, or perhaps a flyer, printed with a winter scene, wishing your loyal customers a very merry Christmas! 

Alternatively, why not consider designing some themed labels to attach to your plain packaging – giving your products a Christmassy kick, and making sure you spread the festive cheer this winter.

Christmassy décor

If your shop, business or enterprise is able to open for Christmas trading, why not encourage customers by giving them a hit of festive cheer when they enter your business. Consider A boards, roller banners, flags and foamboards – all designed with a festive scene and message and displayed prominently around your business.

All these products can then be stored until next year and re-used!

Send a message

Did you know that we do newsletter printing? Why not show your customers how much you care this festive season and send a jolly, Christmassy newsletter? Printed in full colour, these will be sure to make an impact on your clients and customers – plus, right now, with many of us spending more time at home, a bit of cheery post never went amiss.

Perhaps your stock has moved primarily online or you’ve taken new measures in your stores? Send out an attractive, winter-themed newsletter to let your customers know what’s new.

Use Your Time Wisely

Right now might be a pause in terms of trading, but businesses can use this down time to really plan for the Christmas rush. Consider designing some fabulous artwork for your festive products and order now – all ready for the festive period.

And don’t forget – Eazy Print is still open and our graphic designers are waiting for your requests. Why not contact us today and see how we can create the perfect artwork for your festive products.

With a bit of luck, and some planning ahead, Christmas 2020 will still be a magical affair, and bring in some much-needed commerce to businesses throughout the UK.

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