Keep Your Business Ready To Go!

At a time when we’re getting used to social distancing, working from home and planning virtual events, it would be wise for businesses to not get too comfortable. The time will come when restrictions are lifted, heralding a return for face to face interaction. If things change very quickly how will you respond to any sudden demands on commercial activities?

Will your business be prepared for an unexpected reboot to trade show events? How can you adapt your strategy now to ensure you are organised to react as quickly as possible? Keep your business ready to go with these top tips…

 Keep Your Business Ready To Go!

Will your business be prepared for an unexpected reboot to trade show events? How can you adapt your strategy now to ensure you are organised to react as quickly as possible? Keep your business ready to go with these top tips...

Watch this space…

If you are working from home in these challenging times how is that working out for you? Once you became accustomed to the slower pace and lack of human contact are you secretly enjoying the peace and quiet? Can you ever imagine going back to the bustle of the office and demands on your time?

Very few things in life are certain but one of them is change. Sooner or later there will be a return, in some related form, to regular and socialistic work routines and along with this, postponed and newly organised trade shows and exhibition events. How is your business placed to jump into action in readiness to attend a show?

As with all things preparation is the key to success so what are you and  remaining team members doing now to keep on track with your marketing strategy and attending events? It’s imperative you are ready to roll when the time is right.

Keep trade show contacts fresh

When you are advised that the event you are attending has been cancelled make contact straightaway with the organisers to check if this means it will be rescheduled for next year or it has only be postponed until further notice. It’s unlikely that a new date will be decided until the current health crisis stabilises but it’s important you are at least clear with the timescales involved.

Find a reliable contact for the event and build a rapport with them, as you would if the show was going ahead. Keep the lines of communication going with regular emails requesting an update on the situation. By doing this, not only will you ensure your brand will be kept to the fore, which is advantageous when it comes to allocation of the best located booths, but also shows your genuine interest and support of the event.

Keep your attendees in the loop

Up to this point your team has worked hard to build customer enthusiasm and commitment for attending the show so it would be a shame to allow that to wain. If the event is likely to still go ahead this year, why not continue to maintain the interest and find ways to stretch out the marketing plan for the event in the interim? This needn’t be as full on as it sounds, but just to keep your business name and connection with the trade show ticking over in the minds of prospective customers will be useful in the long run.

Community spirit has taken a blow but virtual contact via the internet and on social media has become our lifeline. Why not make these work for you to maintain your community online?

Social Media

  • build a strong presence on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram by regular posts keeping interested parties up to date with any event changes.
  • Keep them engaged by showing videos of past events to build expectation and their enthusiasm for your presence. You could even create a private Facebook account especially for invited guests where you can answer any questions they may have and keep them in the picture whilst building anticipation.
  • Think of ways to keep your guests engaged by sending in their favourite moments of years gone by or by sharing industry tips, news or other info on related events.


  • Hold one off presentations or workshops in real time to share information about a new product due to be launched at the event or to create a buzz around an exciting piece of news that will be released.
  • The footage can be saved and shared with those who missed it at a later date.
  • Provide an opportunity for those participating to ask questions by voice or on the chat.

Social Livestreams

  • Almost all social media platforms have a live video feature which are extremely effective in driving audience engagement
  • Relay video taking place in real time to promote your business in some way. For example the first time a new piece of equipment is used or a particular milestone is reached for the company
  • According to Facebook, “live video averages six times more engagement than regular video.”

Social Stories

  • Share videos and visuals of tutorials, interviews and presentations
  • Invite your audience to take part in polls or to ask questions about the content or your brand
  • Make these fun, engaging and appealing by adding filters, special effects and stickers

Once you’ve taken care of your community it’s important to weigh up trade show equipment suppliers, earmarking one or two for use when the time comes to order.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Do you know where to go for quick, quality banner printing? Or who will honour express, next day delivery on exhibition displays? Now is the time to do your homework so you’re not left in the dust when everyone else jumps in ahead of you. Obtaining details and quotes from online printers able to produce the necessary kit on a fast turnaround is a wise strategy to adopt.

Whilst it makes sense that businesses due to attend postponed trade shows should wait for confirmation of new dates before obtaining printed materials, it would not be prudent to just wait and see what’s available at the time. Getting in early has benefits:

  • making contact now will save time in the long run when the printing job can commence once the quote is approved. Printers are more likely to honour jobs that are already ‘in the pipeline.’
  • this avoids missing out if for some reason there’s a shortage of certain materials and/or products
  • considering the merits or several printers at your leisure will ensure you are in line for the best deals and the most suitable products for your needs

Eazy Print is a ‘keeper!’

There are many options for quick banner printing online so choosing one that is reliable, reputable and reasonably priced is quite a challenge. Consider the benefits of choosing products from a smaller but well established business, Eazy Print, who have built their reputation over the years on producing consistently high quality banners on a fast turnaround for customers:

  • With a 4.9 google review rating customers are moved to express their appreciation and satisfaction for products and customer service
  • Standard delivery is free throughout the UK mainland and ensures receipt of products within 48 hours of dispatch
  • For fast turnaround exhibition printing an Express 24 hour service is available for last minute event requirements
  • When an exhibition banner is needed urgently customers can choose from a large range of roller banners reasonably priced according to size, purpose and finish.
  • Thanks to state of the art equipment that is running 24/7 urgent banner designs can be produced and shipped out in two days
  • The team are committed to providing consistently high quality goods and will ‘step into the breach’ to avert a last minute panic if necessary
  • It’s not just about the printing, but the specialised designers are on hand to advise, guide and create your roller banner graphic
  • Check out the website to see how customer satisfaction is maintained by the flexible and amenable work ethos of the team.

The Eazy Print promise:

” If you need us to work faster, then please call us and we’ll do everything we can to meet your timescales.”

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