How Useful Are Vinyl Banners For Promoting Your Event?

Banners have a long history in conveying messages to the public ever since the roman army held their military standards aloft as they went conquering. But whilst the same principles are adopted to make the modern banner useful for advertising, there has been some modification in the materials used. 
Vinyl has special properties that ensure the longevity of banners and consequently the messages they contain.
If you haven’t sampled the benefits of these inexpensive, understated marketing tools, you’d be unaware of just how useful and effective they are. Read on to discover the many merits of vinyl banners in communicating with your customers.

How Useful Are Vinyl Banners For Promoting Your Event?

How Useful Are Vinyl Banners In Promoting Your Event?

What is a banner?

The dictionary refers to a banner as “a long strip of material bearing a slogan or design to advertise or represent a company, organisation, government body or entity.” These are not to be confused with signs, which are normally rigid displays requiring attachment to walls, fences or bases. Nor are they flags which are attached on one side to a pole or post. Banners are unique in that they are normally attached at both ends and come in all shapes, sizes and designs.              

Why is vinyl a useful material?

Vinyl is a very tough and durable plastic material that has revolutionised the entire plastic resin industry. Some of its key characteristics are:
  •  resistance to moisture and humidity
  • strength and durability
  • lightweight
  • manufactured in a variety of colours, (transparent and solid)
  • low cost to produce
  • recyclable
  • environmentally friendly in its production using 57% of salt
  •  requires lower amounts of natural resources to make and its manufacturing process releases lower emissions into the environment


What are the benefits of vinyl banners?

Combining the strengths of banners as effective advertising displays and the lightweight, durable merits of vinyl, you create a versatile, longlasting, mobile advertising tool to efficiently communicate with your audience of choice. Some of the unique benefits of vinyl banner displays are listed below:

  •  They are equally useful both indoors and outdoors
  •  They are easy to produce & uncostly to buy
  •  They can be displayed horizontally or vertically for the best impact
  •  They are tear resistant
  •  They are waterproof & weather resistant
  •  They can be customised in size and design according to the need
  •  Their message is sustained and remains visible without any further input or intervention
  •  They become memorable to the those who view them regularly, when passing by, for example.

 Vinyl banners can be made to fit any space or location with the modern large format four colour printers able to print your required size and design. All you need to do is come up with an attractive layout, simple message and eye catching images in line with your objective and to locate your vinyl banner in a place to be noticed.

For more advice on how to design your vinyl banner read our blog ‘PS; Create your banner here!’ 

The value of these important commodities is demonstrated by the vast choice of vinyl banners available to suit increasingly creative marketing demands.


What types of vinyl banner are available?

It all depends on what you have planned for the use of your vinyl banner. There are numerous ways you can put your banner to use by advertising your business or product, promoting your services or informing your public. Check out just some of the ways vinyl banners can work for you:

To display your company logo; advertise a city event such as festivals, fairs or parades; promote your restaurant’s grand opening; announce the launch of your product; to display estate agency open days; to exhibit at a trade show; to display details of a sports event; inform of a school open evening or to reveal a special promotion for your retail outlet. 

The list is inexhaustible which suffices to say these little gadgets are worth their weight in gold and every business should have one!

Once the purpose for your vinyl banner is made clear you can then choose the most suitable model. Choose from:

  1.  Pull up/retractable/roller banners –  these are great for temporary use or when they are only required for a period of time such as at an event, presentation, product launch or exhibition. Size wise they tend to extend up to around two metres and are typically rectangular in shape. The beauty of this model is in its roller mechanism which enables the vinyl display sheet to be rolled up after use. This is a substantially sized display that is reduced down to a rolled up poster size and is kept in its own carry case making transport convenient and storage easy. So if your business requires regular attendance to networking and trade show events this is the vinyl banner for you. 
  2. Pop up booths and displays – are wider and sturdier although they are not as portable and convenient to install and dismantle. Ideal for regular trade show presence, this kit provides the backdrop and additional displays needed to really promote your business and draw in the visitors to your stand. 
  3. Step and repeat banners – are often used solely as a background to presentations, product launches and networking events. The company logo, symbol or name is repeated across the banner to create a focal point for your audience whilst listening to a guest speaker.
  4. Suspended banners and hanging banners – fill unwanted space above, to send messages to customers or to create an attractive reception area for a hotel, theatre or museum. 
  5. Mesh banners – are the next generation of vinyl banners for outside use. The vinyl in this case is permeable allowing wind to pass through rather than to butt against the display to ensure it stays put in extreme weather. The inks used are resistant to rain, snow, sleet, wind or even heat, which means your design will remain in situ for up to 12 years with higher quality banners.


How can you get the best out of your vinyl banner advertising?

Place them strategically

Think about where your target customer frequents, (for example, cafes or bars) or where there is a high traffic intersection at your chosen location; for example seated areas in shopping malls, reception areas or main access walkways

Choose the best banner

Will you position your vinyl banner indoors or outside? Do you need it to fill a redundant space? Will it sit on a table or desk? Will you need to move it around a lot?

Include the right information 

As well as using amazing images, clever text or outstanding colours, be sure to include a call to action, company web address, social media links and additional contact information.

Make it eye catching and easy to read

Choose larger, serif texts and a contrasting or complementary choice of colours. Images should always be high quality and appropriate for the message you are conveying

Build your brand

Your vinyl banners should include the same logo, slogan or company colours as all your advertisement media to create continuity and familiarity the customer will associate with your business.

So how useful are vinyl banners for promoting your event? We think – very! If you’d like more details on how you can invest in your own vinyl banners read our Banner Printing FAQs or call the Eazy Print team on 02380 700111.



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