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Halloween Printed Products

With Halloween fast approaching, now’s the time to create some spooky displays for your business. Check out some of our Halloween printed products for a terrifically terrifying All Hallows’ Eve.

Eazy Print Halloween Printed Products

EZ Halloween Printed Products


Why not create a Spooktacular poster for Halloween to really liven up your business? Consider advertising an eerie event, offering a dangerous discount or simply wishing your creepy customers a Happy Halloween; choosing to be liberal with some expertly designed posters can really get your visitors in the Halloween spirit (as it were)! With poster sizes ranging up to A0 you’ll be sure to find the ideal size for your scary design!

Top tips: for designing some stylishly spooky artwork choose your colours wisely – black and orange is a classic- and ensure you have images that really pack a punch! If you need some inspiration, take a look at Unsplash for their Halloween range! Spooooky!


What better way to shout about your petrifying promotion than by using flyers! Using well designed Halloween themed flyers and leaflets to promote your event is always a good idea, as it builds excitement! Make sure your flyers are designed with the theme in mind and ensure they stand out a mile from your usual marketing materials.

Top tip: as well as font, colour and images, try to work in some Halloween puns to your text. If you need some punny inspiration try ‘Creepin it real’, ‘hello gourd-geous’ and ‘give them pumpkin to talk about’! If you can integrate a Halloween themed pun into your product name even better- case and point: Cadbury’s Scream Eggs.

Roller banners

With easy to set up, pop up, roller banners reaching up to 2 metres in height, imagine the fun you could have! Roller banners can be easily moved and relocated – think of a 2 metre werewolf moving around all evening to scare your guests! And the best thing? It can be rolled up and stored away safely for next year!

Top tip: Design a spooky scene complete with haunted castle, pumpkin patch and ghostly ghouls on one of our wide roller banners – the perfect backdrop to your Halloween event!

Eazy Print Halloween Products

Table Talkers

The perfect tool to let customers know about your new Halloween products! Ideal for table topping in bars or restaurants, these handy creations can advertise your Halloween cocktails, specials or treats! Call us for a custom quote on 023 8070 0111.

Top tip: Try and use the three sides individually – instead of each side just having a specific product, try and ensure each side has its own themed artwork, keeping them informative but also highly decorative for Halloween!


What better way to spookify some regular merchandise than by adding a Halloween-themed sticky label! Whether it is your packaging, a flyer or a table talker, add a touch of the terrifying with a spooky sticker! If you’re on a budget this is a great way to take your regular products and create a Halloween vibe, without having to redesign anything big!

Top tip: if you’re using sticky labels, remember they are small so need to pack a punch! Ensure they are brightly coloured, and not too cluttered. Double points if you can include a pun, for example, if sending out a product you could use the text: ‘Trick or treat yourself!’

Eazy Print Halloween Products

We can all agree that 2020 has been a very strange year for us all – so stay safe and enjoy your Halloween! Should you need any design tips or artwork creation, our friendly team are here to help, so drop us a line! With our fast turnaround, we will do our best to get your products to you in time for the big day itself; make sure to order today!

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