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Guide For Designing Your Own Artwork – Top 5 Tips

With our wide range of Eazy Print products, you can create custom, bespoke artwork designs for just about anything! Whether it’s company branding, festive décor or instructional insights, custom printed signs, banners, foam boards, flags and roller banners can make a huge impact on your promotional marketing.

But sometimes going about creating your own design can be a bit daunting, especially if you have no graphic design experience! You could choose to leave it to the professionals, with our in-house design services however, if you want to create your masterpiece yourself, we’ve compiled a brief guide for designing your own artwork, to ensure your creations are the best that they can be!

A Guide For Designing Your Own Artwork – Top 5 Tips

Guide For Designing Your Own Artwork – Top 5 Tips

1. Take advantage of a template

We offer free, editable, size specific templates for our products on our online Design Wizard – the perfect place for you to start to ensure all your design dimensions are accurate!

2. Set your software

If you’re using your own design software, make sure you set it to CMYK not RBG, otherwise printing results may be different than those you’d expect.

3. Mark the edges of your design

It’s always helpful to outline the edges of your design in a bright colour, like magenta. This will help printers to keep the cuts accurate. Similarly, we’d recommend leaving a 3-4mm bleed area at the edge of your designs – just to make absolutely sure that no important features of your design will be lost in production.

4. Make sure your resolution is high

Ideally you want to make sure any images, logos or photographs included on your design are high resolution, to avoid pixelated imagery when printing. Set your software to 300dpi to ensure crystal clear images.

5. Save in the correct format

Save your creation in a non-editable PDF, to ensure that none of your elements reset to default, or are accidentally edited. It’s also useful to embed any fonts that you may have used, to make sure that your text is printed exactly as you designed it.

For more detail check out our handy design guides for more top tips for designing your own artwork:

We hope you found this guide for designing your own artwork helpful. Eazy Print remains open, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any design needs that you may have!

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