Goodbye To Old Banner Printing Machine

Its a sad day in the Eazy Print factory! Claudia – our well loved UV banner printing machine is being retired. After years of faithful service producing over 30,000 roller banners and banners she is being put out to pasture to be replaced by a brand new, top of the range printing system. 

Our new UV banner printer will enable us to offer better quality, higher resolution printing and is faster than our old Claudia. 

So even though it is a sad day as we say goodbye to a faithful, hard working old friend we are excited to see our new banner printer up and running in the next couple of days. In the meantime we remember Claudia with a few images below:

img 1148 largeimg 1149 largefullsizerender large

img 1152 large

 Take a look at our new UV banner printer installation as we say farewell to Claudia the printer!

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