Go ‘Designer’ And Be Stylish!

Don’t you feel good whilst wearing that well-named dress? Or those shoes created by a big name with a huge following? And doesn’t it give you a boost rocking the hottest suit? Not only do you look a million dollars but you feel great. Why? It’s all down to perception. You know how others will view you. And it’s all positive. You’re assured of this because we make unequivocal connections with certain names and the products associated with them.

Go Designer

Research shows that associating ourselves with items created by Designers has a profound effect on the behaviour of those we come into contact with.

We relate certain vocab with anything ‘designer.’ Quality, uniqueness, attractive and inspiring are some of the vocab we use to describe brands produced by professionals. Studies also reveal that wearing these items can influence the reaction and behaviour of others in a subliminal way to the extent they may become more cooperative, accepting and generous.

So imagine this effect on your business image when professionals are involved in the development and production of media reaching your clientele.

But aren’t Designers expensive? Their cost/effectiveness debatable? You don’t have to ‘go desinger’ but we do offer a choice:

The DIY Route?

Some of us are blessed in the realms of creativity and design and can bumble along relying on a good knowledge of our clients wants. PowerPoint is great for quickly assembling advertising material to create awareness or disseminating information. But its usefulness is limited in producing eye-catching design for print that gets the message across in a clever yet memorable way.

Or Take the Professional Highway?

Using a professional graphic designer will cost more at the outset but is economical in the long run. Questions to ask yourself … Do I really understand how to prepare a graphic for the printer? Am I familiar with terms like ‘cropping’ and ‘bleed’? Is the resolution of the images adequate for a professional looking result?  (See our website’s Useful Guides for advice). Have I chosen the right size of paper?

The Eazy in-house design team will be happy to intervene at any point to assist with and complete the job. Money is well spent when left to these caring and skilled individuals who work to reduce your stress by minimising mistakes that we unexperienced ones are prone to make! They come up with the goods too in their own inimitable style.


We use high powered Macs with specialist software like InDesign to create stunning visuals

Like the professional Fashion Designer an experienced Graphic Designer knows their stuff. They are in touch with the public on a regular basis and understand how they tick. They have a selection of dynamic tools at his disposal to mould your ideas into a concept and eventual design and strike a perfect balance between creativity and communication with the right individuals. The result is always impressive and professional.

Fringe Benefits.

  • You are investing in your brand and reputation so any money spent is an asset. First impressions last.
  • EZ Design Service starts at an affordable £15 so it’s a no brainer!
  • It’s time saving, leaving you more of this scarce commodity to clear your e-mail!
  • You deal with an actual person who will understand your business aspirations and translate them into simple messages to get you noticed.
  • It’s convenient, reduces stress and limits pressure. Always a good thing!

How to brief

  1. Select your product

  2. Decide what you want the prospect or customer to do after they’ve read your content – this is a call to action.
  3. Look at examples on the site to determine how much content you need.
  4. Remember, the area at the bottom of the banner is by peoples’ feet so avoid placing important information down too low.
  5. Research – take note of the designs that catch your eye. Why are they striking? What do they tell you? Share examples with your designer

  6. Focus – should be on your target market/selected client. Why do they need to do what you say? How will they personally benefit?
  7. Consistency – the font, colours and style of wording you use should immediately identify your business.
  8. Design – less is more. Keep the layout clean and simple. Wording should be persuasive, yet concise. A good banner will often have a striking headline, single strong image and a ‘call to action’ at the bottom
  9. Encouragement- give people an incentive to respond. E.g. special offers, coupons.
  10. Step back and await your proof!

To find out more about  Design Service, browse our website, chat online or call or email on 02380 700111.

We will be happy to offer advice on any design brief or printing query you may have.

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