Get Set for Offset Printing!

The past two decades have seen the rise and rise of digital in just about every avenue of life. From fridges that update your shopping list to the powerful PC in your hand, the digital revolution is well underway. And printing is a great example of how digital transforms everyday services.

It wasn’t that long ago that if you needed something printed, you’d measure turnaround in weeks. Now’s it’s days or even hours – or, if you know the right printer, minutes!

Digital presses (think of a very large version of the inkjet printer you have at home) mean digital files like PDFs or PowerPoint files can be suited to the devices electronically and moments later, the first copies are rolling off the ‘presses’ – or should that be printer? EazyPrint has been at the forefront of that change with the installation of rapid, reliable and capacious digital presses that spew out work at speeds that must be seen to be believed.

But whilst digital is ideal for short run printing (we mean tens or hundreds of copies), the days of litho, or conventional wet ink litho printing are far from over. Your Sunday supplement will still be being printed on a mechanical, not digital printing press.

When technology that hadn’t changed all that much since the days of Johannes Gutenberg in the 1400’s meets digital, the results are impressive.

Print Isn’t Dead. Long Live Print!

That’s why EazyPrint are proud to introduce the latest in offset litho tech, the high-quality Hans Grohni GH525 press, printing its maiden leaflets during August. The press has a relatively small footprint, but is big on fast turnaround- outputting a phenomenal 12,000 sheets per hour. The introduction of digital proofs and plates means your artwork (or ours if you let us do the layout) can be speedily approved and on your leaflets or posters on the litho press in under an hour. Long gone are the dreary days of making films in darkened rooms. Disposable printing plates are prepared in much the same way as printing out on paper, but are chemically imbued to attract and repel ink to create a perfect facsimile of your designs.

Offset printing

Japanese electronics reside at the heart of the finest printing presses in the world.

Offset Printing: Pixel Perfect

Printing at a phenomenal 2,504 dots per inch (DPI), more than seven times the average quality of a digital press, the press hastily delivers 12,000 sheets per hour meaning your job is not just available promptly, but in startling high definition colour. For faithful reproductions, offset printing is still a step up from laser printing.

Say Goodbye to Drying Time

In days of yore, the printed pieces had to be left for one or two days before they could be handled or cut to size. Now, thanks to advances in quick drying inks, and UV and IR driers, we’re ready to guillotine and box your leaflets in under an hour. Combined with Express Delivery options, we can have your job out of the door and winging its way to you in under three days. Nippy? You bet.

Long Run Litho Printing in All Shapes and Sizes

With a maximum sheet size of B3 (just over A3), our nearly instant press is ideal for medium to long (100s into 1000s) runs of business stationery, posters, leaflets, postcards, flyers, mailers and folders. Add a special touch like a laminate, gold foil, a special ‘cutter guide’ to your folder to create a funky shape and you’ll have printware that dares to impress your clients. After all, if you’re going to use budget on print, you might as well make it stand out.

Heaviest Materials

Digital presses handle lighter weight paper and card, but for a real heavyweight finish, rapid litho offset printing is still the only way to go. And litho handles tricky substrates like NCR (No Carbon Required) for duplicate and triplicate pads which can be numbered on the press.

Competition Time

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Paul Serellis, who scoured the market for the right kit, says “Our new press is twice as quick as its predecessor. With quick change plates, automatic roller washing and rapid driers, we’re well placed to deliver work to the tightest of deadlines.”

Top Tips

  • Think about quantity – longer runs are affordably in reach thanks to rapid reproductions on our press
  • Size is important – choose up to B3 size
  • Or go miniature and stand out with an unusually sized version. An A5 magazine for example.
  • Combine digital and litho- personalise your content on our digital press and support with a generic long run of a high quality printed brochure

The Eazy Team are happy to help with advice on the planning and delivery your promotional event.

Visit our website for starters, chat online or call our offices direct on 02380 700 111 for help in choosing the right options for your business and budget.

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