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Disposable Products: Make Your Business Covid Secure

As the November lockdown draws to a close, restaurants, non-essential shops and other businesses are reopening. We are all keen to maximise profit during the festive period, whilst keeping our staff and patrons as safe as possible 

Hospitality is particularly changeable in the current climate, and management are doing everything that they can to ensure customers and staff are protected. A key factor in keeping customers safe in restaurants and entertainment venues right now is providing single-use menus to avoid any possibility of cross contamination.

Disposable Products: Helping To Make Your Business Covid Secure

We can create bespoke, custom-made, disposable menus that can also act as place mats; if you are concerned by the environmental impact, bear in mind that they can double up and do two jobs in one, and can be created from 100 percent recyclable materials.

Disposable Products: Helping To Make Your Business Covid Secure


These disposable menus can be custom printed with your own text, design and logo – giving customers the peace of mind that the virus is not being spread between diners, but also providing them with information and organic and engaging advertising.

You can even print Covid advice on your menus, to remind customers to wear masks when moving about, wash their hands and preserve space between themselves and other patrons. And, if you’re looking for something a little lighter, disposable menus can always have games, quizzes and colouring templates printed on them for the little ones to use as they wait for their food!



Get in touch with our friendly team today, to see how we can help make your business Covid secure!

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