Custom School Banners

Custom School Banners

You will have noticed that most educational facilities have large, brightly coloured banners displayed outside. This is to communicate to potential customers and parents the facilities on offer, the age range accepted and various other important nuggets of information. Custom school and education banners are essential to comprehensive advertising. Take a look at how our wide range of banners can help your educational facility promote, advertise and communicate.

School banner

School banners

School banners can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Displaying information on entry requirements, age range, catchment areas etc
  • Promoting school events like concerts, open days or parent/teacher evenings
  • Promoting charity and fundraising events, such as cake sales or raffles
  • Advertising through images and slogans
  • Promoting the school brand
  • Informing parents and visitors of Covid regulations
  • Displaying a welcome back school banner
  • School parade banners
  • Sports day banners

School banner printing

School banner printing is very popular and can be done with a fast turnaround. Choose from PVC waterproof banners or Mesh PVC banners for windy areas. A mesh banner allows wind to travel through the banner, meaning there wont be any flapping and your display will remain legible at all times.

Custom school banner

You can create your own custom school banner or take advantage of our in house design service. Simply provide all the essential details (name, logo etc) and our talented in-house graphic designers will take care of the rest!

College banners

College banners can be used to a similar effect, but with a few added benefits. Colleges tend to be larger campuses than schools, so use your custom printed college banners to direct students and visitors around the campus.

Custom university banner

Similarly, university banners can be used to advertise, welcome or direct. They can also indicate which department is in which building, highlight a university medical centre or act as a class banner for graduation ceremonies.

Weatherproof banners

Our PVC banners are made out of 440gsm PVC and printed with UV-fade resistant inks. This means they will stand up to anything the British weather throws at them! Our mesh banners are equally weatherproof, with the added benefit of staying stable in windy areas. Consider outdoor banners for graduation, outdoor events, Freshers Fair or Sports Days – the possibilities are endless!

Should you need any help or advice for your custom printed banner, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team would delighted to assist.

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