7 Ways To Use Pop Up Banners To Get Your Message Out There!

Advertising banners are popping up everywhere! And we’re not just talking about online. It seems even printed messages strategically placed to catch the eye of those passing, still create quite an impact on minds and hearts. Pop up banners do exactly as their name suggests – they pop up anywhere prospective customers may gather; colourful, versatile, useful, affordable. In fact these mini advertising displays are so effective in communicating with ‘their’ public they have become the obligatory marketing tool of any discerning business and already have built up quite a presence in practically every commercial sector.

But why have pop up banners become so successful? And how can a business really get the most out of their pop up banner acquisition? Here are 7 ways to use pop up banners to get your message out there!

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The many assets of pop up banners

Who would have thought a simple rolled up graphic panel attached to its own stand could have such an effect on the advertising success of a business! But when you stop to analyse the merits of these innovative gadgets it becomes clear just why they have become so popular.

  1.  They are easy to use. Simply pop up the graphic panel from a rolled or folded state in seconds and insert a stabilising pole into the base unit for sturdiness.
  2.  They are easy to put together. Design templates are available online or enroll a professional to design and print one in just a few days!
  3.  They are easy to read. Clear and simple text accompanied by strong visuals convey messages quickly and effectively.
  4.  They are easy to transport. Pop up banners roll back into their bases or fold into a manageable size to be carried in their own bag.
  5.  They are easy to store. Once packed up in the carry bags they are protected from damage and fit into the smallest space.
  6.  They are easy to adapt. When the message needs to change it’s simple to replace the graphic. Their lightweight structure also means you can change their location as often as you like to gain maximum viewings!

The attributes of the pop up banner allow them to be used in numerous settings to communicate information to the customer or public. How they are used is down to the creativity of staff members and is determined by the type of business they are representing.

Ways To Use Pop Up Banners To Get Your Message Out There!

Business to business (B2B)

When it comes to communicating with other businesses such as wholesalers, suppliers and affiliated companies there are some regularly used settings where your pop up banner can do its job.

1. Networking meetings are often held at times outside of the normal working day, such as breakfast or early evening. If you are planning to invite some useful contacts or important existing customers the pop up banner can introduce the tenor of the meeting, giving attendees an idea of what topics or information will be discussed.

Key ideas, bullet points or headliners can be printed on the graphic to reinforce information provided by guest speakers. If you are meeting like minded people for the first time, the pop up banner can ‘speak’ for you, highlighting your products, USPs, contact details or maybe your business ethos.

2. Presentations, product launches and workshops all provide good opportunities to keep in contact with regular associates or build new relationships. When presenting, opt for a couple of colourful pop up banners with just a few short sentences to summarise the key points you are making.

Also to really add visual impact to a special product launch, several pop up banners lined up to create a back drop adds a more professional feel to the occasion. Locate several themed banners around a workshop venue to inform guests of the schedule, guide them to different stands and to display directions to refreshments, WCs and exits.

3. Trade Shows are excellent high contact events to give a one to one testimony to your business and featured products. They are also useful for meeting new customers and potential affiliates, as well as strengthening current business relationships.

Pop up banners can do much for contributing to the overall presence of your company by adding to the effectiveness of your display. Use pop up banners in addition to exhibition stands to reinforce your marketing effort; highlight any special promotions, draw attention to unique features that make your business successful and therefore a good choice or select a well worded question to get visitors to your stand thinking. At these events it’s all about standing out and making your presence memorable and the lowly pop up banner can do this effectively if thought is given to who will be attending and what they will be wanting from you specifically.

Business to customer (B2C)

Alerting the public to your business and convincing them that what you offer will be useful to them is a completely different kettle of fish. Bombarded with so many similar messages can evoke a negative reaction or maybe no response at all from potential customers. But again, the pop up banner offers a refining process which filters out anyone who is in the right frame of mind to purchase something from you. Because they are simple and to the point, individuals who have the propensity or need for your products or services will elicit information from your advertisement and respond favourably.

The message also has a long lasting presence, not only physically as the display can remain in situ for as long as you want it to, but a punchy and memorable slogan or clever wording based on market research and an understanding of your customers, will stay in their minds. In general, people store information seen visually for a longer duration than something heard.

4. Exhibitions and Fairs – provide opportunities for the public to weigh up what’s on offer in a certain market eg wedding, holidays, homes, leisure etc. Most events are themed so those who choose to attend are already interested in, acquainted with or wanting to buy from that particular commercial field. If as a business you choose to exhibit at an appropriate event the people you meet will be engaged already so all you have to do is present your products in the best light and catch their eye using imaginative displays, smiling personnel and an irresistible offer!

Pop up banners advertise special deals, discounts or offers you may be running for the duration of the show. If the message is simple, just a few well chosen, powerful words and plenty of colour or images, they can work their magic to draw in prospective buyers or at least a new contact to respond to after the event.

5. Special marketing campaigns – aimed at a specific target group once or twice a year can help with low seasons and quiet periods, for example just after Christmas and the new year. Sales on specific items, discounts, two for one offers and timed special deals can help to disseminate items left on the shelf. Retail outlets, markets stalls, leisure centres, hotels, pubs and restaurants can all make use of pop up banners in alerting visitors and customers to these offers.

For banner advertising to really make the greatest impact not only does the message need to be clear, concise and highly visible but the pop up stand itself needs to be in the best place to receive the greatest attention. Receptions, entrances, on the pavements or in car parks of certain premises or anywhere crowds gather, offer prime locations for pop up banners to work effectively.

6. Signage – is needed to instruct and guide any visitors to your premises, in order to keep them safe and help them to find their way around. Pop up banners also work well in this respect by informing customers where the cash desk is, what the soup of the day is, or in the case of outdoor fairs when activities are taking place. Anything you wish to communicate with your customers or visitors can be displayed on your pop up banner so they have an additional source to consult with, not just staff members.

7. Sponsorships, presentations and guest speakers – give you the chance to build a presence locally and to contribute to the community that supports your business. Sponsorship of a special charity event shows the more humane side to commerce, allowing locals to see the reciprocal side to businesses they patronise and making them aware of them in the first place. Use pop up banners both at venues locally or at your business location to make everyone aware of your involvement in the event.

A staff member chosen for his speaking abilities and enthusiasm for your business can present to those in the community exactly what you do, why you do it and what ethics are involved in the process. Pop up banners serve as great backdrops to these occasions in relaying information about your business that you may not have time to talk about. You might want to include your company name and details on the banners so the audience can make a note.

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These are just some of the ways pop up banners serve businesses in communicating with those inside and outside of the company. Just look around you and take note of where you find these ubiquitous displays. The more creative you are in terms of design as well as location will determined how effective and useful your display will be for its purpose. But if you’d like experts in the field of pop up display banners to give you ideas on how yours should look just give Eazy Print a call today, or browse over the many options of roller banner on offer.

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